Amazing Rise of Mutant Musks: NFT Game for Everyone

UTC by Andy Watson · 3 min read
Amazing Rise of Mutant Musks: NFT Game for Everyone
Photo: Mutant Musks

Mutant Musks NFTs add further value to their project by having unique benefits for players.

Over the last couple of years, NFTs have shown off their potential. As Web3 rises in popularity, so have numerous other technologies with it. NFTs are one of them, and in the beginning, many people were uncertain or skeptical about NFTs, but that soon proved to just be hesitancy. It took a while for the general population to see the incredible potential of NFTs, what they can do, and how they can be the future of art, games, videos, and many other things.

There are people who could see the vision of NFTs from the beginning – they did not need reassurance like the general public – and these people started their very own unique NFTs projects. Among these projects is an intergalactic first-person shooter game called Mutant Musks.

Many new NFT projects are coming up, and it’s easy to say that not all have a solid foundation, but Mutant Musks is a project that defies all odds and delivers a robust experience. It’s also not uncommon for games in the NFT space to have weak to no storyline. However, Mutant Musks understands that a great storyline is a crucial part of a game, which is why they have worked hard to develop something truly engaging. The game’s plot begins with the idea of humans setting up their very first colonies on Mars.

When it comes to their NFT collection, Mutant Musks hasn’t hesitated there either. They have a strong standing of 10,000 collectible NFTs inspired by Elon Musk. Mutant Musks aims to develop a metaverse game that is engaging to their players and anyone who wants to be part of this game. Mutant Musks NFTs add further value to their project by having unique benefits for players. For example, each NFT is an in-game playable character, making this a utility-based NFT with real value.

The Mutant Musks team has made it clear that they are serious and passionate about the game, and they want to develop something reliable, trusted, and entirely made by a team of professionals.

The project was started by its three founders, who have extensive knowledge in related fields such as business, finance, and crypto. When combined, they have an extensive 22 years of real-world experience up their sleeves. Unlike many other projects that wait for funding to start development, Mutant Musks is not doing that, their development has already started before receiving even a penny from investors.

Their mint date for Mutant Musks NFTs will be the 30th of July. The price of the mint will be 0.1 ETH, which is an investment that is expected to triple in value based on its utilities and the progressive boom of the gaming industry.

The initial stages of their gameplay can be seen on Twitter, and the game is being developed via the highly professional and incredible Unreal Engine 5. With over 80,000 members on their Discord, Mutant Musks is well on its way to becoming a large-scale, prominent NFT project.

The team mentions that the people and teams who work on Mutant Musks are incredible and have made this possible. Even in the bear market, Mutant Musks has been performing incredibly well and will no doubt continue to thrive. It’s easy to see why this project is well on its way to its peak.

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