Roger Ver aka Bitcoin Jesus Joined Azbit Exchange as a New Member of Advisory Board

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Roger Ver aka Bitcoin Jesus Joined Azbit Exchange as a New Member of Advisory Board

Early Bitcoin investor Roger Ver has sparked the rumors going around the launch of a self-owned exchange, as the cryptocurrency enthusiast joined the advisory board of Azbit exchange.

In the wake of recent news that straight forwarded intentions of one of the most influential people in the crypto-community to open a new platform for cryptocurrency trading, CEO of Roger Ver together with Mate Tokay, COO of the later, became newly appointed advisors of Azbit exchange.

Consequently the crypto-community is drowning in uncertainty whether the above-mentioned exchange is the same Roger Ver has in mind, when he has outspoken his readiness to launch a new cryptocurrency exchange platform with a BCH foundation backed by Ver’s genuine admiration for a popular Bitcoin’s derivative.

The deep interest of community is rather obvious since Ver is known for his smart solutions in the field of cryptocurrency trading while some even say he has the sixth feeling that helps Veg to make winning investment decisions.

Azbit Exchange Portfolio

Ver’s professional intuition proved by enormous success of several ICO campaigns that were rolling out under his direct supervision, made Roger Ver a true guru for an army of wannabe Bitcoin millionaires.

Therefore this does not come as a complete surprise that Azbit main feature revolves around social copy trading implying the traders with deep hands-on experience being in charge of the funds that were entrusted to them by regular rate investors.

Notably the exchange does not start from a scratch, it runs on the Bitsane crypto-exchange, which has been successfully operating since 2016 with more than $8,000,000 in daily transaction volume. According to the announcement, the Azbit exchange is currently about 80 percent ready for an upcoming launch.

Partnership between Azbit and

The official announcement of the partnership between Azbit and was made right on board at Blockchain Cruise 2018. After signing a document Roger Ver, CEO of, said:

“We’re gonna to promote all Azbit products at so the whole world gets to know the great project that Azbit is building. They build platform, we promote it, the users come and everybody is happy!”

The Azbit project is, therefore, expected to become an influencer in the crypto world. During the crowdfunding campaign, the Azbit exchange announced that it would be issuing tokenized shares. As Azbit AG was registered in Switzerland and it is certified to issue shares. The Azbit’s roadmap reveals that the exchange is going to share about 75% of the total platform’s fee in a form of dividends paid to AZ token holders. The project is expected to introduce an investment platform later this year.

At the moment, Azbit had successfully finished Private sale and moved to the next level – Pre-ICO campaign is underway. For early investors the exchange offers juicy bonuses of up to 30% sale.

In the meanwhile Ver is looking for a financier to join him at the helm of Azbit member team. Otherwise the exchange might be built internally that means Ver and his team will have a unique opportunity to create the kind of exchange that they were looking to get.

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