Romanians Can Now Purchase Bitcoin at 874 Self-Service ZebraPay Terminals

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Romanians Can Now Purchase Bitcoin at 874 Self-Service ZebraPay Terminals
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Bitcoin Romania allows cryptocurrency users to buy bitcoin at ZebraPay terminals installed around the country.

Digital currency users in Romania are now able to buy bitcoin at 874 payment terminals installed all over the country. Bitcoin Romania, ATM operator, partnered with terminal network operator ZebraPay for the new service.

The kiosks use Canada-based bitcoin exchange Cointrader to buy the cryptocurrency. The terminals charge a 4% fee for each transaction.

Bitcoin Romania will serve as a vendor and supplier of bitcoins once the deposits in fiat currency are made.

Cointrader is a leading company in the digital currency exchange industry. Vancouver firm offers physical stores, ATMs, competitive fees, funding options and great customer service.

Cointrader founder, Jackson Warren, commented: “Having Bitcoin Romania and ZebraPay integrate with us is another significant endorsement of the value that our exchange has for Bitcoin Brokers and ATM operators around the world. We built out of frustration in dealing with other exchanges that offer weak customer support, bad exportable data for bookkeeping purposes, and basic APIs. We will continue to scale up our business by offering top quality customer support and features to our customers and operators around the world.”

ZebraPay also projects to increase the number of services that could be paid for via terminals by the end of 2014. Currently, people are able to pay with digital currency for their utility and phone bills.

Ukash, a type of online cash, used to pay for purchases at online stores, is also available at the kiosks. This electronic money are also utilized for gambling and online games.

Since two days after opening the kiosks, more than 7 bitcoins were sold, what demonstrates the service is quite popular in the country. Besides, the machines do not require any identification.

Adrian Badea, ZebraPay CEO, told: “It’s weird because we haven’t even launched it officially yet. It seems people already want to buy bitcoin.”

The new terminals will simplify the process of buying digital currency, as earlier the customers had to create accounts on different exchange platforms and ensure they could send money to the exchanges abroad.

“There is a [bitcoin] community here, that’s for sure. There are lots of people who know about bitcoin, but they don’t have the opportunity to try it. It was too complicated before,” Badea said.

“We believe the bitcoin new feature will be very helpful to our current expansion plan in Latin America, Africa and Asia,” he added.

ZebraPay terminals are installed in 160 cities all over Romania and the company plans to establish more than 1,000 terminals in the country by the end of 2015.The kiosks are located in such giant supermarkets as Carrefour, Auchan and Kaufland.

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