‘The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin’ Movie Is Officially Released

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Bitcoin documentary ‘The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin’ was released and can now be purchased online.

New bitcoin film, called “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin”, has been released and can be  now bought on the documentary’s website.  It is available on Vimeo, Amazon, and iTunes.

The film tells the story of a 35 year old computer programmer who is very interested in bitcoin. After discovering Bitcoin in 2011, he delves in the world of new possibilities that cryptocurrency brings. It also features the history of bitcoin, its culture, and how the digital currency has developed since its creation in 2008.

An independent distributor Gravitas Ventures facilitated the launch of the film. The film’s producer and director Nicholas Mross and his brother Daniel Mross said they decided to cooperate with Gravitas after debuting the documentary at the Tribeca film festival.

“The film had a great reception, and following the festival, they [Gravitas] made us an offer. They have taken a very hands-on approach with the film and did a wonderful job with bringing it to the global market,” the brother said.

Gavin Andresen, Roger Ver, Mark Karpeles, Jared Kenna, Charlie Shrem and Cameron and Tyler Winklevos participated in filming “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin”. It also described the pioneers in the bitcoin community.

The brothers noted that certain things have changed since the completion of the documentary. Thus, such bitcoin startups as BitInstant, Mt Gox and TradeHill are no longer exist and Shrem and Karpeles became involved in the long legal disputes. They attribute the difference between the film and the present to the delays with the launch of the documentary.

They said: “We had to extend production for the greater good of the film, it seemed to make some think we were taking too long to get it out. We didn’t just want to release it if it wasn’t ready.”

Mross brothers admitted it was hard for them to decide where to end filming. “It was hard to know when to stop. Ultimately it was a combination of timing, hard work, and a little bit of luck that got us to the end,” they said.

The initial idea was to leave the bitcoin price increase in 2013 as the final moment of the film. Still, they ended the film with arrest of Charlie Shrem, Mt Gox collapse and the Dorian Nakamoto story.

However, “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” is not the only film related to bitcoin. For instance, newlyweds Austin and Beccy Craig filmed a documentary about the experiment of living 100 days only on digital currency.

Among other bitcoin projects, are “I am Satoshi”, “The End of Money As We Know It”, “Crypto for the Masses”, “The Bitcoin Doco” and “Bitcoins in Argentina”.

The film has already be shown at cinemas in LA and New York on October 3rd.

When asked about the possible sequel to the film, Mrosses said: “We truly believe it was a special time for bitcoin when we were filming, and it is unlikely that we would capture lighting in a bottle twice.”

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