RRChain Will Bring Decentralization to Global Computing Market

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RRChain Will Bring Decentralization to Global Computing Market
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Horus Capital has carried out in-depth evaluation of the blockchain-based RRChain project that offers a new view on cloud computing services.

China-based private equity fund management platform known as Horus Capital is focused on providing support to the most promising emerging industries. Nearly 100 firms have already received investments from the platform which has helped Horus Capital to achieve excellent results in its fund performance. Horus Capital has gained a reputation of a first-class domestic fund with cutting-edge views on the business.

Moreover, the fund invests in promising blockchain-based projects and one of them is the Recycling Regeneration Chain (RRChain) that is aimed at creating a decentralized global computing trading platform with a view to find feasible ways to use the unused computing power of personal computers for cloud computing needs. Now Horus Capital is offering an in-depth overview of the RRChain project for investors to consider.

If we compare the project with the traditional cloud computing service, we will see that RRC is a much simpler solution. It is able to offer stability and low costs for computing power. These features can make the solution widely applied.

The RRC team will create a distributed computing network with autonomous public chain, according to the Horus Capital’s Evaluation Report. It will be possible thanks to full use of distributed technology. As a result, the RRC network has all chances to become the largest distributed supercomputing network and computing power supermarket in the world.

The global computing market that exists today is absolutely centralized and monopolized by a number of giants, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Baidu, and Alibaba. These companies use their market positions to increase the prices for their services and to get higher profits as a result. But despite growing price and centralization, the global cloud computing market continues its growth.

The main idea of the RRC team is to bring decentralization to the industry. RRC is going to connect computers, mobile phones and other devices that have computing power via the P2P network which will let users rent computing power to other participants of the network. So, the computing power that is rented will fulfill computational tasks in some specific aspects, including big data analysis, artificial intelligence, image processing, game computing, etc. Such an approach will significantly increase the use of the unused computing power of PCs.

The project has a team of professional developers who have significant experience in blockchain and software. The project consultant team is represented by the specialists who have dealt with different companies and startups and can provide high-quality consulting services in their professional fields.

RRC has already been invested by top venture funds and investment institutions in the blockchain sphere, including FBS capital and Horus Capital. These institutions boast excellent reputation and their support has a very significant importance for the project.

According to the project’s roadmap, during the period that started in August and will last till the end of the year, the team will carry out testing of different versions of the platform and in December of the current year it is planned to launch the public chain.

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