RSK-built Kripton Marketplace Now Available in El Salvador

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RSK-built Kripton Marketplace Now Available in El Salvador
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Kripton Market seeks to provide its services to over 700 commercial outlets in El Salvador.

Kripton Market, an online e-commerce platform built on the RSK network and provides users with Bitcoin as a payment form, has now been introduced to El Salvador’s market. Notably, El Salvador made history after being the first country around the world to accept Bitcoin as legal tender alongside the United States dollar.

A few weeks later, the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, updated on the steps the country has taken. Among them, the country has begun Bitcoin mining through renewable energy from volcanoes. Worth noting, the country’s Bitcoin wallet, Chivo, has recorded a tremendous inflow of daily active users, more than the traditional banking sector in the country has gained in decades.

Consequently, Kripton Market seeks to provide its services to over 700 commercial outlets in El Salvador. Notably, the Kripton Market is available in other countries in the same region including Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Peru, and now El Salvador.

The South American region has been very progressive on matters partaking in crypto adoption and Bitcoin legalization. Notably, Brazil, the region’s largest nation, is preparing to vote on legalizing Bitcoin as legal tender following the footsteps made by El Salvador.

Kripton market is described as a decentralized marketplace that is built on the Rootstock (RSK) platform. Notably, the Rootstock platform is a smart contract-enabled protocol secured by the Bitcoin vast network.

Following the El Salvador market debut, Kripton users in the country can purchase goods seamlessly using their Bitcoins. On the other hand, anyone can offer products and services in El Salvador through the Kripton marketplace, guaranteed cheap fees, and a secure network. RSK also offers a whole set of stablecoins on Bitcoin.

Kripton Market in El Salvador

Kripton Market is providing utility for the El Salvador citizens who are fast adopting 21st technology to enhance their livelihood. “To date, 150 stores have enrolled to experiment with the Kripton Market and, through the agreement with Procom and Innovacion y Desarrollo which will be incorporating Kripton Market to their software update, another 564 stores will be added. Moreover, every supporter will bring more utility to Bitcoin in El Salvador, whether it is through sending payments, paying for goods and services, QR code payments, and door-to-door shipments,” the firm explained through a press release.

The Kripton team has arranged for a series of educational programs around the country. This is meant to enlighten more people on the advantages and opportunities of tapping online marketplaces especially now with sound money, Bitcoin.

“Kripton has made a preliminary agreement with 29 cooperatives, among them Acomi, Comedica, Acofinges, and Bancovi that have a network of over 509,000 associates to evaluate the platform confirming a massive market to tap into. Moreover, one can find the participating stores in San Salvador, La Union, Cabañas, San Miguel, Ahuachapan, Juayua, La Libertad, Morazan, and San Vicente,” the firm further noted.

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