Ruby-x, A Whole New Level of an Integrated Trading Platform, launches the First and the Last Public Sale of Highly Valued And Limited Ruby Tokens

Place/Date: Seychelles - August 3rd, 2018 at 9:07 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Ruby, Source: Ruby-x

While there is a growing concern over the safety of cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world after the recent cyber-attacks on major crypto exchanges, Ruby-x has introduced itself as the most advanced exchange on the planet, guaranteeing a high level of transparency, safety, and expansion to gain confidence in the crypto market.

Ruby-x is a new concept of cryptocurrency exchange that provides an integrated trading service including funds, technology, and information trading services as well as a cryptocurrency trading service. The Ruby exchange has been developed by its core team consisting of experienced IT, security, and financial specialists from the well-known global companies such as Samsung, LG, Hitachi, Hyundai, and Paysafe.

The goal of Ruby-x is to construct its own ecosystem with a transparent management, a secured service, and an expansible platform. All the transaction fees and histories will be open to public, so that the platform can be transparent enough to prevent any fraudulent activity.

Ruby-x offers the cold wallet system for users to block hacking attempts and make the exchange platform more stable. The platform of Ruby-x also enables tradings amongst financial products like funds, all sorts of technology and information, not to mention all the listed cryptocurrencies in the market.

Ruby Exchange has announced that its token sale will begin on 10 August to 17 September 2018.

The Ruby token, RBY, is designed to be the key currency of Ruby Exchange and be used to pay all transaction fees with RBY. The upcoming token sale will be the first and the last public sale of Ruby Exchange, and the participants can purchase the tokens at its half price only during this public sale.

The token price will increase after the sale, and the price of 1 RBY will be equivalent to USD$0.5, once the official Ruby Exchange is open. Only 10% of the total supply will be available to the public on this sale; which is 2 billion out of 20 Billion Ruby tokens without any soft cap.

Ruby-x is planning to hold various grand opening events, giving out US$10,000,000 worth rewards to its users. Ruby Exchange is currently bringing a giveaway event with many prizes that are much bigger and much more attractive than anything you would have heard before – a MOBILE HOUSE.

On top of that, Ruby-x has also prepared many more prizes and awards for the winners, including an opportunity to become a Ruby fund-crypto manager.

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