RusGas Project: Blockchain Platform Aimed at Transforming the Gas Industry

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read

RusGas is not just an ordinary energy project. The team is going to change the gas industry and to lead technologies to a new level.

Today, the number of various blockchain projects is constantly growing opening new opportunities for enhancing all the spheres of our life. But with the growth of the number of such projects it becomes more and more difficult to introduce an idea that will be bound to succeed. RusGas project is one of those ideas that worth to be mentioned among the most promising ones.

RusGas is a start-up that is aimed at transforming the gas industry through funding and implementation of researches in the sphere of natural gas production, its processing, storage, and transportation.

While the majority of energy projects are dealing with the renewable hydro and solar energy sectors, RusGas is to be implemented in an absolutely specific sector. The key focus is made on scientific developments in the infrastructure of small and medium-sized fields in Eastern Siberia.

The authors of the project have paid their attention to the fact that gasification of concrete zones of the region is a more realistic idea than any efforts to utilize renewable energy sources there. As we can see, RusGas team does not striving to inspire investors to join the project exclusively based of modern trends in the industry.

Moreover, RusGas is going to be engaged in “assets tokenization” in the full sense of this word combination. Investors’ tokens will be guaranteed with real assets. As investments are expected to be made on the base of real materials and technical resources.

A lot of projects offer its investors immediate sale of energy savings in local markets, even including some variants of speculative trading. RusGas  project is focused on much deeper issues. The tokens holders will have an opportunity to choose different directions for their investments, among possible directions are financing of a specific gas volume extraction or financing of the entire chain from the deposit to the sale of polymers.

RusGas team will also include a strong trade and consulting department like major banks and investment companies usually have. These professionals will help investors to opt for the most appropriate strategy taking into consideration their capacities, interests and expectations.

Thanks to the specificity of the projects and its result-oriented ideas, the team expects institutional investors to join the project. Their participation is extremely important for the success of such a large-scale project in the gas industry. Application of new working mechanisms can be possible only with ready elements of the future infrastructure that represent the interest for institutional investors.

One more reason why RusGas project team hopes to succeed is that they have chosen a good time for their ICO (at the moment pre-ICO round is alive) when all the consequences of the autumn-winter volatile period have already gone away, and investors can be sure that a new crypto currency is likely  to survive and stay afloat.

Without any doubts, it is obvious that the financial aspect is the most important one for investors.  That’s why RusGas has developed a way for investors to earn on the implementation of scientific solutions for cleaning gas energy which will help to reduce gas volumes ineffectively burnt in torches.

Taking in consideration all the above-mentioned competitive advantages of the project, it is said that RusGas has significant chances to achieve its goal to raise 60 million USD during its ICO, though the sum of 25-30 million USD seems to be more realistic to collect.

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