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Samsung Releases Galaxy S10 and S10+ with Built-In Crypto Support

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by Julia Sakovich · 5 min read
Samsung Releases Galaxy S10 and S10+ with Built-In Crypto Support
Photo: Samsung

Samsung has finally introduced its new Galaxy S10 line. The devices offer multiple innovations including its multi-layered government-grade protection platform Samsung Knox.

The first Galaxy was introduced by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. 10 years ago. This decade was a period of great technological developments which have resulted in serious market changes. To celebrate the Galaxy S anniversary, Samsung has launched a new line of next-gen smartphones – Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, Samsung Fold – to address the most up-to-date market needs.

These products represent themselves a combination of the most advanced and cutting-edge innovations in camera, all-new Dynamic AMOLED display, enhanced performance, and functions.

Welcome the New S10 Line

The new smartphones introduced by Samsung are created with premium hardware and machine-learning-based software and are believed to establish new standards for the mobile industry.

Galaxy S10 stands out from the crowd for its powerful performance. Galaxy S10+ is said to be even more innovative and advanced device that is created for clients with the highest demands.

One more alternative released is Galaxy S10e, which a perfect choice for those who like more compact devices without any loss of functions. Galaxy S10 5G, in its turn, is designed to ensure the most speedy data exchange opportunities that are available today.

The prices range from $749.99 for Galaxy S10e to almost $1000 for Galaxy S10+. The first phones will be available on March 8, 2019.

Key Features

Here’re the key features of Galaxy s10 line, which include, but not limited to:

Display: Galaxy S10 boasts Samsung’s best screen, the world’s first, as the company claims, Dynamic AMOLED display. The new solution ensures accurate colors (even in harsh sunlight), and reduced blue light (something that is unhealthy for eyes). In addition, new display includes Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner, which reads 3D (not 2D anymore) contours of user’s thumbprint.

Camera: Galaxy S10 introduces new camera technology including Ultra Wide Lens for human-eye-like view, Super Steady & High-Quality Video Recording for improved digital stabilization, and AI camera for pro-grade shots with no adcanced settings.

Intelligent Performance: Now its possible to easily charge Qi-certified smartphones and compatible wearable devices through Wireless PowerShare. Intelligent Wi-Fi ensures uninterrupted and safe connection seamlessly switching between Wi-Fi and LTE. Bixby Routines, in its turn, just makes the life easier – it automates our daily routines such as Driving and Before Bed routines, and provides recommendations created basing on user’s habits – something very useful, isn’t it?

5G Connectivity: Samsung seems to lead the way with 5G with it’s first flagship 5G smartphone that finally makes it possible to download the whole season of “Game of Thrones” in minutes, play cloud games, as well as enjoy VR and AR to the fullest.

Crypto Support in Samsung Knox

But the crypto community was waiting for these devices not because of their cameras. As it had been leaked before the launch, the S10 and S10+ smartphones have a new feature known as “Samsung Knox” which can be used to securely store private keys for blockchain-powered applications, such as cryptocurrency wallets, for example.

Such an initiative has been positively welcomed by the public. Some weeks earlier it was even said that Samsung crypto support could make a much more significant push for crypto adoption than a number of the latest initiatives of crypto-related firms altogether. The reason is simple: not so many people are deeply in tech today but Samsung phones are used globally every day.

The same opinion was voiced by Mati Greenspan, eToro analyst, he said:

“The new added feature built into Samsung’s S10 is certainly noteworthy and is yet another sign that more people and companies are taking crypto and blockchain seriously.”

Unique Processor

However, one of the most intriguing details about the newly-released smartphones is Exynos 9820 processor. Many believe that namely this feature will be a key to direct crypto wallet integration. Being launched in November 2018, the model has undergone several upgrades – 8K UHD, Neutral Processing Unit (NPU), and Physical Unclonable Function (PUF).

Herewith, the latest one, PUF, helps chipmakers store encryption keys and thus is expected to bridge the phone to crypto .

The company states:

“The Exynos 9820 features a physically unclonable function (PUF), also known as a digital fingerprint, to manage personal data in perfect isolation, making for more reliable security. PUF generates an unclonable key for data encryption by using the unique physical characteristics of each chip. While the PUF creates a unique digital fingerprint, the security subsystem is a secure key manager that supports other security protocols, such as key generation, storage and derivation.”

Samsung Fold: When the Size Matters

Samsung has unveiled a new mobile category of foldable devices and the first phone that was introduced is Galaxy Fold. It’s a rather compact device that is able to transform into the smartphone with the largest-ever display.

With such a device playing mobile games, watching videos and fulfilling other tasks are brought at a new level. It has 6 cameras and 3-way multitasking and is said to become available in the US in Q2 2019 for $1,980.00.

Smartphone Producers Tap Into Blockchain

Though it’s not the first attempt of smartphone producers to integrate the emerging technology into their devices, the developments of this tech giant always attract enormous attention.

Let us also remind you that in in October 2018, HTC announced the release of its blockchain-enabled phone named Exodus that is entirely dedicated to blockchain encryption.

Later in December 2018 Sirin Labs, an Israel-based company, introduced Finney – the blockchain smartphone which runs SIRIN OS that ensures secure mobile transactions and facilitates the usage and storage of cryptocurrency on mobile devices.

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