SAO Network Drives into Web3Port Entrepreneur Acceleration

January 12th, 2023 at 4:47 pm UTC · 2 min read

SAO Network Drives into Web3Port Entrepreneur Acceleration

On Jan. 10, SAO Network is thrilled to announce that it got listed on the finalists of the first session Web3Port Entrepreneur Acceleration Winter 2022! The co-hosts of the first session “Web3Port Entrepreneur Acceleration Winter 2022” are Republic, BNB Chain, HashKey Capital, Spark Capital, and GeekCartel.

Out of all the 24 projects on the finalists list, SAO Network prevails as the only one to zero in on Web3 content storage. Longly immersed in blockchain and Web3, SAO Network believes in an urgent need and bright future for decentralized data storage.

Web3Port Entrepreneur Acceleration is a program where all partners can interact with selected startups and help them be in a better shape together.

With all the projects on Web3, SAO Network foresees strong connections between different projects. Besides, SAO Network is willing to provide applicable storage solutions for other projects. Looking forward to mutually beneficial interactions and interesting ideas in the program!

About SAO Network

SAO Network is a secure and decentralized storage infrastructure powered by Hedra Labs. It provides a decentralized storage protocol to increase the adoption of Web3 content storage and facilitate its ecosystem applications. It provides a decentralized storage solution that allows for the storage of Web3 data in a distributed and decentralized manner, rather than relying on a central authority or server.

SAO Network socials: Twitter, Medium, GitHub, Discord.

About Hedra Labs

Hedra Labs, the core developer team of SAO Network and Storverse, was established in Singapore in 2021 as a blockchain-focused R&D taskforce teamed by industry pioneers, senior architects and developers from both fin-tech and blockchain fields who are dedicated to the development and evolution of Web3 and decentralized storage networks. Its ultimate goal is to provide a solid and comprehensive storage platform based on SAO Network for Web3 applications and make it secure, easy, and intuitive for users to own and manage their data.


Hedra Labs

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