Seascape Network and Binance NFT Release Exclusive Zombie Mystery Box NFTs

Place/Date: Singapore - February 18th, 2022 at 3:44 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Aparajitha Chakilam, Source: Seascape

Seascape Network and Binance NFT Release Exclusive Zombie Mystery Box NFTs
Photo: Seascape

Leading DeFi and NFT gaming platform Seascape Network is working with Binance NFT, for a second round of exclusive NFTs in tandem with their recently released game Zombie Farm on the Binance NFT Marketplace. This second issuance of Mystery Boxes come just a few short months after the release of the Zombie Slayer Wichita series, which sold out in just a few short seconds.

Binance NFT Mystery Boxes

The limited edition zombie series will be exclusively available only through Binance NFT patented Mystery Boxes. There will be three different characters, Carl, Ed, and Gramps, along with their zombie counterparts. Human and zombie versions will have differing quantitative and qualitative values. Higher quality NFTs will bring players higher rewards when using them throughout the Seascape ecosystem. Serious players are encouraged to try and acquire them via the NFT Mystery Boxes to start staking them for competitive rewards.

Seascape DeFi Games

Consistently ranked as one of the top brands in DeFi gaming on various networks, Seascape has established themselves as one of the modern architects of DeFi gaming, also known as GameFi. One of the pillars of their success has been the implementation of Scapes, their first series of original NFTs, as true financial assets. These assets can be staked or burned in exchange for token rewards in modular, accessible DeFi games.

Seascape Zombie NFTs

Seascape believes that the future of NFTs in games must be about creating value for their owners. So, instead of purchasing an NFT for market price and using it to accomplish non-incentivized in-game tasks (such as leveling up a character), Seascape NFTs spend their entire life cycle offering opportunities to increase earnings for its holder. Right now the Seascape Zombie NFTs are very competitively priced, at 50 BUSD. The sale starts Monday, 21 February, at 11 am UTC. Sales will go quickly, so be prepared promptly.

Seascape NFTs have varying dimensions, such as character, quality, and generation, which affect the ways by which the user can employ them toward the pursuit of profit. Binance Mystery Box NFTs come in 4 qualities: N, R, SR, SSR in order of lowest to highest. Players will have the opportunity to stake their Scapes in future seasons of Seascape’s zombie themed DeFi game in exchange for in-game rewards.

These NFTs will be making their way to Binance NFT Marketplace soon, and will be ready to tell more Tales from the Crypt-o-currency! Those interested can stay up to date through the official Seascape Twitter account.

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