SEC-Registered Crypto Advisor Makara Lands on App Store, 20000 on Early Access Waitlist

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SEC-Registered Crypto Advisor Makara Lands on App Store, 20000 on Early Access Waitlist
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Makara robo-advisors allow its users to invest across a basket of crypto offerings. The platform is completely regulated by the SEC and ensures high-security standards for its users.

On Tuesday, June 1, leading SEC-registered cryptocurrency robo-advisor Makara announced the launch of its services and mobile application on Apple‘s App Store. The platform is gaining solid traction with over 20,000 waitlist sign-ups for its services.

Makara launched with the purpose of making crypto investments accessible to a large number of investors. Thus, it does this by making index-like allocations called baskets. The biggest plus point of Makara is also that it is completely regulated. Makara is currently onboarding its beta clients and it already has “millions of dollars” in assets under management (AUM). During Tuesday’s announcement, Jesse Proudman, co-founder and CEO of Makara said:

“We believe Makara is solving real and existing obstacles for individuals accessing the cryptocurrency market. Seeing the initial interest from our waitlist gives us confidence that our thesis is correct. This is still a retail-led asset class and we believe Makara can empower every investor to learn more and benefit from all the potential that cryptocurrencies offer.”

Makara said that it will continue with the client onboarding process. At the same time, it will also keep the waitlist open for a couple of weeks.

Makara App: Beating the Traditional Robo-Advisors

Traditional robo-advisors in the market like Betterment and Wealthfront help their users by investing in ETFs. However, the US market is yet to see a crypto ETF going live. Also, the thing with the existing robo-advisors is that they can work only during the market hours. The Makara CEO added:

“At Makara, we believe investors deserve more than a Wall Street wrapper around cryptocurrency. We believe investors deserve true access and exposure to crypto whenever crypto markets are open, which is why our thematic baskets are so compelling.”

Makara also has several thematic baskets that simplify the client’s crypto investment experience. This allows clients to gain broad exposure to some curated strategies based on their goals. At the same time, it helps to hedge risks across diverse crypto asset classes.

Makara’s wide product offering includes Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Basket, Inflation Hedge Basket, Blue Chip Basket, Universe, Bitcoin basket, and Ethereum basket. The underlying technology of the Makara platform handles all the buying, selling, and storing of crypto assets via the Gemini exchange.

Makara also provides several educational resources for newcomers and even experienced investors. Sadie Raney, Makara co-founder said:

“Investors shouldn’t have to spend hours researching and tracking the market to demystify the asset class. We believe investors should understand what they’re investing in, which is why education is a huge component of Makara. We want our clients to feel like they’re learning new things every day as part of their investing experience.”

After the App Store launch, Makara is looking for the Android platform launch as well.

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