Second Phase of Dvision Lands Sold Out on OpenSea

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Second Phase of Dvision Lands Sold Out on OpenSea
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Now when the second phase of the sale is completed, the team behind the Dvision Network is all hands on deck in ensuring that the protocol supports multiple mainnet. 

Dvision Network, a blockchain-based protocol seeking to redefine the offerings of the metaverse has successfully sold out its virtual Non-Fungible Token (NFT) lands in a well-participated Second Round via Polygon Network. The sale took place on both the OpenSea platform, renowned as the biggest NFT marketplace, as well as on the Dvision managed marketplace. Both venues saw the listed LANDs minted by collectors, a growth that notably models the platform’s phase sales.

Dvision is a metaverse-driven world that enables users to Create, Trade, and Play in the blockchain-based NFT Metaverse owned by players. The platform is growing in popularity by the day, with a thriving ecosystem that has come to realize its potential as the next major outfit billed to help redefine what metaverse gaming is all about.

The design of the Dvision World is for it to serve as the main lobby in the metaverse, which connects all the meta-cities that will be presented in our virtual world. A key feature of the Dvision world is the Meta-City, a public and an open terrain, where various Meta-Spaces (LANDs) are gathered.

At its full bloom, the Dvision World will eventually connect 20 different cities through the Central Warp Tower, where each Meta-City will be introduced to the community in a gradual manner. Access to be a part of the Dvision World is guaranteed through LANDS sales, two phases of which have now been completed.

The significance of the Dvision successful land sales is that the project is now featured as the second most traded collection on OpenSea. This success can be attributed to the Dvision LANDS sales being floated on the Polygon Mainnet, reducing transaction fees for minters, thus giving more collectors a high level of comfort to back the project.

“The deployment on Polygon is great news for the Dvision Network. Polygon is a protocol and framework that can connect Ethereum-compatible blockchains. The Dvision network will have the possibility to launch on a multi-chain system which gives users more freedom and flexibility. Polygon helps combat the high gas fees and slow speeds associated with the early days of decentralized applications. By deploying on Polygon, Dvision has access to Ethereum’s thriving ecosystem without being bogged down by slow connection speeds,” Dvision said in a statement when it announced that it was resident on the Polygon network.

At the moment, the Dvision collection is ranked as the third most traded Polygon project hosted on OpenSea with more than 300 ETH traded atop a total of 4.7k items listed.

Next Milestones for the Dvision Network

Now when the second phase of the sale is completed, the team behind the Dvision Network is all hands on deck in ensuring that the protocol supports multiple mainnet.

Dvision LANDs are planned to be connected with other mainnets through the native bridges that Dvision is devising to connect all the networks and allow users to move their NFTs across different chains.

With the metaverse proving to be bigger than just one platform, there is a necessity for emerging protocols like the Dvision Network to create a room to easily integrate the evolution that will accompany the metaverse in the near future.

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