Senator Rand Paul Names Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne as Part of Tech Counsel

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Senator Rand Paul Names Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne as Part of Tech Counsel
Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky speaking at the 2014 Liberty Political Action Conference (LPAC) at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia. Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Patrick Bryne, well-known bitcoin supporter, will start working for the presidential campaign of Senator Rand Paul.

Patrick Byrne, CEO of, has just become a part of tech counsel of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. This news got generally known from the twitter of Senator and at once became a subject of many talks:

Sen. Paul is a strong supporter of private businesses development. He not only advocates minimal governmental interference in businesses but also launched StartupHouse – innovative project that gathers together talented enthusiasts with fresh ideas.

The main idea is to support startups by letting people impart experience and knowledge. According to their own words the venture is “a badarse community of workhorses building the future, with community events and startup incubation.”

StartupHouse is located in San Francisco. It seems to be not by chance that a new center of business activity occupies the same building that used to belong to Good Vibrations – hopefully it’s a rare good sign and good vibes will accompany young businessmen.

Rand Paul is known for his interest in bitcoin and blockchain. He strongly believes in necessity of digital currencies development. It was reported that he started to get contributions to his presidential campaign in bitcoin. It’s not the first time that senators support virtual currencies – Todd Weiler, Senator for Utah, has recently approved a decree allowing people to pay taxes in bitcoin.

There is still no official information about Byrne’s appointment and his future duties. This issue interests many bitcoin supporters. Responding to various questions concerning his tech counsel Sen. Paul only joked “that would be top secret and we would have to then kill you or cut your tongue out”.

Byrne is not the only striking personality in newly-created tech counsel – Michele Weslander Quaid of Google and Brandon Hudgeons of Schoox have also joined the team.

According to the Guardian “The senator’s embrace of bitcoin meshes with his criticism of government surveillance and frames him as a defender of civil liberties who has internet freedom on his mind and wants younger, technologically adept voters on his side”.

This unpredictable step of Senator alarmed bitcoin supporters. Byrne is a prominent figure in bitcoin industry. He was the first to use bitcoin on a mass-market retail platform. Now the question arises – won’t this new sphere of activity prevent him from going on bitcoin promotion?

Bitcoin is now picking up speed and tends to come to the same level with cash. Support of financial giants and politics definitely acts in its favor.

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