Seven Continents. $100B Market. One Real Estate MarketPlace that Spans Them All – Enter eLocations

Place/Date: Zug, Switzerland - September 5th, 2018 at 8:58 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: eLocations, Source: The eLocations Ltd

While similar industries have adapted to new market conditions, Commercial real estate looks scrambled in transition.

There are a lot of voids to be filled in the Global real estate. Businesses and retailers, in general, are finding it tough to find, acquire and manage retail properties on the global streets. Even with millions for retail properties available globally, investors in the retail space are limited to the bare minimum when zipping through listings.

Such lack of property info is hindering retailers to make feasible investment decisions.

Swiss PropTech Startup eLocations is looking to tackle all such investor problems through its global real estate platform backed by blockchain.

eLocations is a global commercial property listings platform connecting brokers, tenants, and landlords across the world. The platform brings solidity to the fragmented and opaque retail estate market helping landlords to list their properties globally.

By leveraging superior data intelligence, landlords and tenants on the eLocations platform will be able to make fast and efficient decisions

With blockchain integration, eLocations will simplify leasing and contract management in the global retail real estate space.

Global Real Estate Hub

The eLocations platform is primarily a global listing space. Through it, users all around the world can list their properties which will be visible globally.

Users can also find information on global shopping locations. The platform uses street maps to help retailer find suitable properties while sitting in the comfort of their offices. The eLocations platform will also improve buying and renting decisions by providing data intelligence. Through the platform, users get access to property values, owner data, land registry titles, building dimensions, previous tenant information, rent comparisons and much more.

All property data on the eLocations platform will run through a decentralized, shared database so that property owners can monitor their information and correct mistakes.

Bringing Blockchain into Real Estate

Through the use of blockchain, eLocations will bring transparency to its core platform. Using the blockchain eLocations allows its users to switch from paper contracts to smart contracts eliminating fraud and contract manipulations in the industry.

Smart contracts will also help tenants to execute rent or purchase payments directly through the eLocations platform with the help of the eLocations token. This is especially beneficial for global property leasers as transaction costs will be far less when compared to fiat transactions.

With the limitless possibilities of the blockchain, eLocations aims to facilitate all retail transactions through their token ecosystem.

The platform is already running and being used by Allianz AG, Apple and lots of big players. In August 2018, the number of searches done on the platform surpassed the 4.7 million mark.


With superior technology and market experience, the global properties marketplace powered by blockchain will disrupt the commercial real estate sector. Moreover, it will unify the global real estate marketplace allowing Property owners, retailers and other users to interact in one single platform.

It will provide owners and brokers with the ability to globally list properties while buyers will be provided with superior property insights for decision making. Smart contract implementation will prevent contract manipulation and help tenants to pay rents using eLoc tokens.

eLocations has its MVP out in the market and is being used by the big players. You can try it out, just visit