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Sharing of Goods, Skills, and Assets with the Use of a New Cryptocurrency

February 4th, 2019 at 4:57 pm UTC · 3 min read

Sharing of Goods, Skills, and Assets with the Use of a New Cryptocurrency

eSwitch is an all-new cryptocurrency flagged by ShareMeAll. ShareMeAll is one of the most robust exchanges pursuing the objective of fostering the belief that cryptocurrencies can effectively be used in the form of a new system of exchange and sharing of different goods and services.

The blockchain technology comes in the form of a revolution that has changed the way organizations perform in recent times. From eliminating the role played by middlemen to authorizing the consumers, Blockchain is one technology that has to live up to its core concept of decentralization.

However, the problem lies in the fact that there is a considerable gap existing between the cause of this technology and its objects or the ordinary users themselves.

The Solution to the Problem Created by Blockchain Technology

The introduction of new cryptocurrencies to be used in the form of a new system of exchange and sharing of different goods and services is an attempt towards tapping the right logical know-how of the most common users. The introduction of new exchange cryptocurrencies aimed towards establishing an ultimate and clear awareness, adoption and use of the Blockchain technology on the whole. The solution for the problem created with the use of Blockchain technology and its variants are coming up with a new cryptocurrency that allows the users to share and exchange not only skills but even assets, objects and parts of their cars and properties and almost everything imaginable. This is a procedure that targets the active sections of the online buyer and seller podiums that always keep coming with services.

The New Digital Currency by ShareMeAll

Participants of the new system of cryptocurrency exchange for goods and services will have to register at the ShareMeAll mobile and internet exchange platform. The introduction of the eSwitch token or cryptocurrency is a project that is aimed towards bringing back the old barter system of trading but with some exciting twist. At the platform, people will get to trade and even use the things and the objects that the community has on offer. In turn, they would have to provide the community with ShareMeAll’s digital currency called eSwitch token. This will give users the flexibility of making the most of the objects, services, housing and whatsoever facilities that they can avail.


The eSwitch token project comes in the form of an initiative towards realizing the idea of Global Village simply by connecting individuals across the world in original time. It is a process that not only leads to the enforcement of a universal network but also encourages interactions between individuals sharing common skills, resources, and interests.

This project boasts of fluid and simple appropriation and detailing of Blockchain technology in the regular lives of individuals. This ShareMeAll initiative is grabbing tremendous attention recently and is all prepared to set the industry for cryptocurrency trading on fire. In this case, it must be noted that the eSwitch token is fast making its way towards being the most crucial exchange token of the future.



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