ShitExpress Earned 10K in 30 Days by Turning Shit Into Bitcoin

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read

New startup, called ShitExpress, allows people to anonymously send horse poop for anyone in the world in exchange of digital currency.

ShitExpress is a new company that allows sending horse poop to your enemies all over the globe with a personalized letter or message. The delivery costs 0.05 bitcoins (equals $17) and the transaction is totally anonymous, as no credit card or any paper needed. The value includes shipping, packaging and a private message.

During the first month, the online service sent poop to 36 countries, generating $10,120 in sales, according to the company’s blog.. Notably, the company spent no money on advertisement or marketing. The service was promoted through tweets, comments and social shares. In general, the website attracted over 490,000 visitors. ShitExpress was also mentioned by approximately 500 different websites.

ShitExpress CEO, Peter, faced a lot of concerns, as he was not sure if the project will bring any profits or if any orders will be made. Moreover, he did not know how much the shipping will cost.

Peter said: “The only one thing I was able to do from March to October was to ask a few friends, living close to farms and stables, if they were willing to do all the packaging and shipping for me. Of course, everybody was surprised by the idea, but nobody actually wanted to get involved.”

Then he started thinking on the promotion of the new service. “I did some research and found a few websites that could bring visitors for free. People like to comment on controversial stuff. Free feedback on shit – that was exactly what I was looking for,” Peter stated.

After creating the website, Peter published a post on Bitcoin Forum, announcing the new project. The main advantage of the service is 100% anonymity and the ability to use cryptocurrency. He also translated the website to Spanish and French in order to bring more attention to the project.

Peter then made a post on Reddit, on Startups and Bitcoin subreddits. Just in one day, the ShitExpress was visited by 5,584 people, with 48% came from Bitcoin Forum, 31% from Reddit and the rest from other sites.

Today, the company is growing and has alredy surpassed $10,000 in revenues. Over 7,000 people visit the website each day and new orders are being made.

In order to send shit, its first necessary to choose an animal (today only the horse poop is available, but the startup is going to add more options later), then enter the address of the recipient, select the packaging and carry out the payment with the use of bitcoin.

ShitExpress will work in accordance with the laws of the country of the recipient, as it is sometimes not allowed to send certain substances. Still, the poop sending is likely to be unlimited.

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