Shping: The Ultimate, Blockchain Powered Retail Marketing Platform

March 16th, 2018 at 11:01 am UTC · 3 min read

The retail shopping sector is one of the most rapidly booming sectors in global markets. Expected to hit $28 Trillion in a short time, it is an industry which is largely unaffected by the cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution. Not for long though. Shping, which is short for shopping, is a blockchain based marketing platform which will allows businesses and brands to reduce their costs on marketing – and has multiple benefits for consumers too!

Not only does Shping allow brands and businesses to advertise and communicate with the consumers better, it is also working towards the creation of a global products database – one of the largest of its kind! Consumers are rewarded for various processes on the Shping app.

All transactions and rewards on the Shping app are in the form of Shping Coin Cryptocurrency tokens (SHPING). Let us take a detailed look at the benefits of the platform and how Shping is beneficial for brands, businesses as well as consumers:

Benefits of the Shping Marketing Platform

Shping is the ultimate marketing platform when it comes to the retail shopping segment. The platform helps brands and businesses take the next step towards the digital revolution with the help of cryptocurrency incentives and rewards.

One of the biggest benefits of using the Shping marketing platform for brands and businesses is the fact that they are able to reduce their ad expenses by directly pushing ads via the Shping app. Consumers are rewarded with cryptocurrency incentives to see these ads and product videos.

In addition to pushing out ads, the Shping app can also be used by brands to send out surveys and forms to the consumers regarding market research questions. Be it about a new product that the company plans on launching or be it feedback on an already existing product, this app helps save cost on market research efforts. Consumers would again, be rewarded with Shping Coin tokens for filling these forms and surveys!

The platform is also working towards building a global product database with millions of products from around the world. As of this writing over 30 Million products are already listed on the platform, a number that keeps on growing with every passing day!

Shping Coin (SHPING) Token Sale

The Shping Coin token sale allows interested investors to purchase the SHPING cryptocurrency tokens. There are only two ways in which you can get hold of the Shping Coin cryptocurrency as of now. The first way is to get it as a reward using the Shping app. The second way is via the Shping coin token sale.

A total of 10 Billion SHPING tokens will ever exist, out of which 3.7 Billion Shping Coins are now at sale, at the price of $0.01 per coin – a total worth $3.7 Million. Those interested in the Shping Coin sale can purchase the SHPING cryptocurrency at

After this token sale is over, Shping is in talks with getting their currency listed on some major cryptocurrency exchanges, where it can be traded just like any other cryptocurrency. However, once trading begins, the prices are expected to rise and the token sale is the best opportunity to grab SHPING tokens at these low rates.