Taiwanese-American Artist Shu Lea Cheang to Premier Artwork on Blockchain Platform MakersPlace

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Taiwanese-American Artist Shu Lea Cheang to Premier Artwork on Blockchain Platform MakersPlace
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The artwork will be available on the MakersPlace platform on October 8 starting from 20:00 UTC. It will be digitally stamped with a signature by Cheang.

Well-known Taiwanese-American artist Shu Lea Cheang will premier her artwork on the blockchain-platform MakersPlace. This will allow her fans to purchase and trade her work through the blockchain, in turn earning her income.

“Having an artist such as Cheang joining the crypto art space, “speaks volumes” to the growth and maturity of rare digital art,” Makersplace CEO and co-founder Dannie Chu told CoinDesk.

The controversial artist has created several sci-fi video series including BioNet that consists of two artworks “BioNet Baby” and “BioNet Blood Cell”. Her artwork is well-known for examining the potential impact of technology and science as it relates to human society.

Notably, Cheang artwork will be available on October 8 beginning at 20:00 UTC. In addition, it will be digitally stamped with an indelible signature from Cheang and secured through MakersPlace platform.

Cheang Artwork

Cheang has directed different sci-fi movies that touch on controversial health care issues, especially those that indicate governments’ conspiracies. One of her popular movies is titled Fluido and highlights how the HIV virus might mutate by 2060, whereby it no longer endangers humanity.

She is not afraid to touch on topics that pertain to human sexuality in a way that depicts a different picture.

During a past interview, she explained one of her works that indicated that people with HIV should be tattooed in order to get the virus controlled. Cheang has also directed a pornographic movie named, I.K.U, which she claimed was inspired by Blade Runner. Interestingly the movie has been internationally recognized, whereby it was nominated for an International Fantasy Film Award.

With such controversial topics, her works have been met with restrictions from different jurisdictions, hence not able to reach the global audience on a large scale. However, now that she has entered the blockchain industry that is less controlled by governments, her work is likely to reach a bigger audience in a short period.

The MakersPlace has been a successful blockchain-based platform that has featured other prominent artists.

More on MakersPlace

In addition to Cheang’s work, MakersPlace will feature works of Gert-Jan Akerboom and Lawrence Lee.

Akerboom is a digital artist and animator based in Berlin, Germany. Akerboom’s artwork has taken many forms in the past years, with the most recent being an expansion of his digital skills through high-resolution 3D animation.

On the other hand, Lee is a professional artist who worked in both physical and digital mediums for over forty years. He is best known for his iconic shamanistic portraits which have remained a central subject matter within Lee’s work since 1975.

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