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SLATE: Blockchain-based Revolution of Entertainment Industry

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by Maria Konash · 4 min read
SLATE: Blockchain-based Revolution of Entertainment Industry
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Slate, a blockchain-based entertainment utility protocol, introduces whole range of solutions to shake up entertainment and media industry.

The Video-on-Demand industry is one of the fastest growing entertainment industries that has given rise to innovative approaches to delivering motion content. However, none has broken new grounds the way Slate has with the development of the world’s first blockchain video on demand (BVOD) service – BINGE.

The Next SLATE of Content Delivery

Entertainment is an important aspect of the human being, which helps to pass time and enjoy life. One way or the other, we all want to entertain, be entertained, or both. With this said, it is unsurprising that entertainment and media industry generates over two trillion dollars annually.

However, the current entertainment ecosystem is flawed and fractured. Slate is stripping away the layers of intermediaries and opacity that has become part and parcel of value exchange in the entertainment industry. Leveraging blockchain technology, Slate is facilitating access to content streaming backed by transparent behavioral analytics for businesses to make informed decisions on consumer’s preferences.

The cryptographically-secure, entertainment utility protocol aims to deliver high-speed, low-cost, high-quality, creative video content to a global audience. The platform will also facilitate live event ticketing for shows and performances on the blockchain. Tickets created on Slate’s blockchain are tamper-proof and forgery-resistant, which disables fraud.

SLATE: Entertainment on the Blockchain

Slate is powered by its own native cryptocurrency, SLX, for the seamless and secure exchange of values without intermediaries. Personalized by its revolutionary Blockchain Video on Demand protocol (BVOD), Binge is ushering new levels of transparency and frictionless transaction in the industry first.

The service provides real-time revenue sharing economic model between for providers and creators, enabling equitable compensation, while also allowing access to invaluable network data and analysis for improved content development and engagement.

Slate will also empower an enterprising mobile streaming app for both Android and iOS devices dubbed Slatix. Designed and developed as the go-to app for entertainment discovery and ticketing, Slatix is a paradigm shift in mobile streaming services, which enables consumers to discover and access diverse, curated contents at one’s fingertips including: concerts, sporting events, movies, plays, and much more. The unrivaled app incentivizes curation of worthy content through a review system that utilizes its SLX token to reward genuine content review.

Masternode Network & Unrestricted Global Access

SLATE operates two different networks; a primary network for the SLX token, and a secondary one for “Masternodes”. Masternode are service nodes for storing video content and making it accessible to consumers. These Masternodes also serve as a passive stream of revenue for owners, as it rewards its users SLX for hosting video files.

Unlike centralized platforms, Slate puts content decision making in the hands of its community. Consumers have total and irreversible control over each peace of content uploaded and distributed on the ecosystem without any interference from any centralized governing body or authority. Using a proprietary peer-to-peer distribution protocol, Slate proactively protects the rights of consumers and their choices from breach of privacy and intrusion. The protocol also eliminates net neutrality and international commerce barriers through its trustworthy transaction network,which bypasses banks and bureaucracy.

Pre-Sale & Token Sale

According to the Slate’s announcement, it will be offering 48% of the total token supply of SLX to the public. The event is structured in a way as to incentivize early contributors, lavishing a generous forty-five percent (45%) discount based on pre-sale price of twenty cents ($0.20). Pre-sale bonus starts off at 5% for the first five days before dropping by 1% every five days over duration of the event.

Starting on May 11th to May 26, Slate’s presale will offer a limited amount of SLX at twenty-seven cents ($0.27), before rising by two cents ($0.02) every four days, peaking at thirty-five cents ($0.35). Whitelist registration is currently ongoing.

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