Sloth Lounge NFTs Drops on Nov 10: Where Can You Mint Sloths?

Place/Date: - November 2nd, 2021 at 7:01 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: Sloth Lounge

Sloth Lounge NFTs Drops on Nov 10: Where Can You Mint Sloths?

The Sloth Lounge NFTs, a limited collection of fun and super-chilled sloths, will be released on November 10 on the Sloth Lounge website. There are a total of 4,500 unique sloths that are randomly generated from over 100 traits.

Hand-drawn by an award-winning Australian artist, the Sloth Lounge NFT collection is inspired by the smart working philosophy of the sloth – work smarter, not harder, and that it’s OK to slow down. The collectible sloths remind us to relax, smile, and embrace our inner sloth.

What is the Sloth Lounge NFT?

Sloths are more often than not thought of as being lazy or unambitious – loafers or layabouts. But there’s nothing wrong with being a sloth. Sloths know how to take things slow, enjoy each day as it comes and make the most of each moment.

The Sloth Lounge is on a mission to de-stigmatize the sloth and help people embrace the slow.  The hope is that owning these adorable sloth NFTs reminds you that it’s okay to take things easy and enjoy life.

Why Mint Sloth NFTs

Every month, your Sloth Lounge NFT will give you a chance to participate in the Slottery. It is a monthly lottery that allows the Sloth Lounge holders to experience the world of NFTs in a fun, friendly, and uncomplicated way. It could be ETH raffle, premium NFTs, drops, mints, artist collaborations, grants, or any other fun idea the Sloth community comes up with. 40% of revenues from NFT sales will be used to create these prizes and opportunities for all sloth-holders. Part of the excitement of being a Sloth Lounge holder lies in anticipating what the next Slottery event will be.

Sloth Lounge is a fun, relaxed community – perfect for experienced collectors and newbies to the NFT space. Once you purchase a sloth, you automatically become a VIP Sloth Lounge member. VIP Sloth Lounge is a private community of sloth holders to swap stories, shoot the breeze, and hatch plans to unleash a wave of relaxation on the world. Membership is open to all holders. Your membership qualifies you for tons of benefits, including a free pass to Slottery, exclusive mints and airdrops, membership discounts and merch, and so much more.

In addition, the Sloth Lounge will be donating 10% of revenue raised to sloth charities around the world. Many sloth species are highly endangered, and sloth numbers are dwindling rapidly due to habitat loss. The team is dedicated to supporting charities working to help save sloths from extinction.

How to Mint Sloths NFTs

The Sloth Lounge team will be hosting a minting event on November 10, 2021, on their website The Sloth Lounge, where you can mint your Sloth NFTs along with other owners. The sloths will then be ready to relax in the lounge.

A total of 4500 (100 reserved for founders, giveaways, and promotion) Sloth Lounge NFTs will be made available for minting. Each Sloth NFT costs just 0.04ETH to make the drop fun and accessible to everyone.

Each sloth is unique, but some will be rarer than others. The sloth you get will be the luck of the draw, and all mints will be randomly generated. To mint Sloth Lounge NFTs, install the Metamask wallet on your browser, with some ETH in it. After setting up your Metamask, you can go to the Sloth Lounge to “connect your wallet” and start minting your sloth.

To learn more about the Sloth Lounge and to keep a tab on the project’s development before their highly-anticipated launch in early November 2021, visit the website or join the Discord.