Smart Ticketing Platform EventChain Adds Steven Funk and Piotr Piasecki to the Board of Advisors

September 11th, 2017 at 8:43 am UTC · 2 min read

EventChain SmartTickets, a ERC-20 token based blockchain company, adds Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Dr. Steven Funk and Core Developer of Factom Piotr Piasecki to the Board of Advisors, to aid in the project determined to stop counterfeit ticketing and excessive ticketing fees in the event industry through blockchain technology.

The founding team of EventChain includes CEO Ashton Addison and the experienced software developers and entrepreneurs at Click4Time software scheduling, whom already have 7 years’ experience developing booking Software as a Service products to customers in 12+ countries.

EventChain have set their goal to disrupt the event ticketing industry to stop counterfeit ticketing and excessive ticketing fees by using smart contracts and the Ethereum Blockchain.

A former Director and Member of Investment Committee at The Dignity Fund, Dr. Steven Funk is the founder of Aspen Properties Ltd., Imperial Parking Ltd., Imperial Parking (Hong Kong) Ltd., Canadian Maple Leaf Financial Corporation, and the Canadian Maple Leaf Fund Management group. Overall, Dr. Funk has 30 years of experience in international corporate debt, equity investment, and real estate ownership and development. He is the founder and former Chairman of Grand Marais Investments Ltd., a private equity investment company and is also a passionate and proud member of the XPrize Foundation Innovation Board (, led by Peter Diamandis. The EventChain team welcomes Dr. Funk to the Board.

Also joining the Board is Piotr Piasecki, Core developer from one of the leading cryptocurrency projects Factom. Piotr wrote his master thesis on Bitcoin security in Technical University of Lodz, in Poland. He is a former moderator and top contributor to as well as a current moderator of /r/Bitcoin subreddit. Piotr runs a number of Bitcoin-focused websites, including Vanity Pool and TestNet Faucet, and has been a blogger for major cryptocurrency media outlets like Brave New Coin, Crypto Biz Magazine and CoinDesk.

We are proud to announce these outstanding personalities for our fast-paced company. Many other prominent figures have recently joined the Board of Advisors and are backing the company in preparation for their Crowdsale on September 13 th .

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