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Social NFT Marketplace – Socialogue – Brings The Latest Innovations Into One Platform

December 14th, 2021 at 12:16 pm UTC · 2 min read

Socialogue, an Ethereum-based social NFT marketplace, has gone live. The users can now mint their NFTs on Socialogue’s blockchain, which allows them to buy and sell their art and socialize and build communities based on DAO governance.

The project that started as an idea of a fair and social NFT trading platform has taken a big step towards revolutionizing the NFT trading market altogether. Socialogue is a place where people not only trade digital art but also build communities, express their minds freely, and even have a chance to decide the rules that the platform is governed by. Therefore, by uploading your NFT to Socialogue, one not only puts it up for sale – one also becomes a part of a like-minded community.

Socialogue’s CEO Mindaugas reveals:

“When creating Socialogue, some of our main objectives were to build a platform where the NFT creators and traders feel confident to share and trade their art. Some of the ways of achieving that are offering zero-gas fee peer-to-peer trading and creating a space where creators can actually earn from content on the basis that the bigger community you create and the more popular you become – the more money you earn. That’s our idea of equal opportunities for all.”

Unregulated by the central government, Socialogue is ruled by Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governance. To take it further, the team has established a unique virtual governing body called DAO Senate –  a place where the control is handed over to the people. Anyone can join the senate by acquiring the 10,000 NFTs that will soon be available for purchase. The rules in DAO governance are simple – one NFT equals one vote.

The platform and its social aspect add to the furious pace of development and innovations in the NFT business, where digital collector cards like CryptoPunks are fetching hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. So will Socialogue’s NFTs be next?

About Socialogue

Browsing, discussing, and connecting are inseparable parts of a thriving art market platform, so we’ve invented a space where the consumers can do it all in one place – Socialogue. The social NFT marketplace is open for artists to promote their works, engage with the audience and sell their artworks without significant fees. In return, the community has the space to share ideas, discuss art and get in touch with their favorite NFT artists.