‘Sorry, Nest’: Thingsee Lets You Create Your Own ‘Smart Home’ Devices

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by Zhanna Lyasota · 3 min read
‘Sorry, Nest’: Thingsee Lets You Create Your Own ‘Smart Home’ Devices
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A Finnish startup Thingsee, that crafted the Internet of things development platform, aims to make programming web-connected appliances and devices easy and intuitive.

Last year Thingsee announced itself to the world with a Kickstarter project that successfully raised over $100,000 with the development of Thingsee One, a developer device that programs customer’s home’s web-connected tools and appliances.

The device itself has inbuilt sensors that can detect a huge variety of variables, including acceleration, speed, location, temperature, humidity, pressure and light levels. One can then have Thingsee set thresholds for these different variables for different devices.

The possibilities for what one can do with Thingsee are seemingly boundless. For example, a parent will be able to have a sensor in a teenager’s car that can detect when it is speeding and send him/her an alert. Or a user can place a sensor on a certain item and program its accelerometer to let him/her know if it is being moved from a set location, which could indicate that someone is trying to steal it.

“We’re solving the hardware equation for them. Startups can develop their solution using Thingsee One, get on with tests and pilots on the field using Thingsee One, and in many cases get their first customers using Thingsee One,” said Thingsee Vice President & Co-Founder Ville Ylläsjärvi, meaning that Thingsee One is not just a sensor-stuffed piece of hardware, it is a developer kit for other hardware makers.

What is particularly great about Thingsee is just how simple it is to use: programming its sensors is insanely simple — after stating a program’s purpose, one can then instruct it to behave different ways in different states depending on what its sensors are reading.

Thingsee CEO Pasi Jokinen told that what he is most excited about with the product is what creative developers will be able to do with it. The first developer units shipping is planned on June 30th, however, according to the information on Thingsee website, there is going to be a delay:

“We promised we would ship the device in June; unfortunately that now seems unlikely. We have a small chance of shipping the first certified devices on the 30th of June, but we feel that date may come a few days too soon. Based on the information that we now have, our current estimate is that we could start shipping in the beginning of week 28, and we are working tirelessly to make that happen.

The type approval process for FCC, IC and CE certifications is now ongoing. Tests are proceeding according to the schedule, and our target is to have all the testing done by end of this week. After finalizing the testing process, the documentation will be submitted to the authorities for approval, which will take up to two weeks. At the end of week 27 we should have the product officially certified and ready for shipping.”

The sales will be started as a public beta. The company is already planning the next steps to make the Internet of Things easier, faster, and accessible at a fraction of the current cost.

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