Sparklo (SPRK) Can Outperform Conflux (CFX) and Stacks (STX) in a Full-Blown Bull Market

June 27th, 2023 at 3:09 pm UTC · 3 min read

Sparklo (SPRK) Can Outperform Conflux (CFX) and Stacks (STX) in a Full-Blown Bull Market
Photo: Sparklo

Bitcoin (BTC) has entered a new bull trend and is trading at $30k. However, the most exciting event was a flash rally in Bitcoin that saw it trade at $138k on Binance for a few seconds. This has got investors looking for low-cost altcoins that could mirror the trend, such as Conflux (CFX) and Stacks (STX).

However, savvy investors who want to maximize returns are going even further and turning to presale cryptos like Sparklo. Most analysts predict Sparklo could rally by 1,500% if the current trend continues.

Sparklo (SPRK) Excites the Market with Interesting Use Case

Sparklo is one of the hottest crypto presales and for a good reason. Sparklo wants to make buying fractions of precious metals like platinum and gold easy for the average investor. The Sparklo NFTs will be backed by precious metals, which means anyone who buys a whole unit of these NFTs can take physical ownership of the precious metal supporting it.

Investors are also increasingly drawn to Sparklo for its security features. For instance, Sparklo has a 100-year liquidity lockup designed to protect against a rug pull. At the same time, Sparklo’s smart contract is fully audited by InterFi Network and found clean.

Sparklo is currently in stage three of its presale, and up to this point, the price has been adjusted upwards multiple times without impacting demand. In stage one of the presale, Sparklo was trading at $0.015. The price currently stands at $0.055 in stage 3 of the presale, and FOMO is building up.

Conflux (CFX) Rallies but There Are Better Bets Elsewhere

Conflux (CFX) is one of the top cryptos responding well to the ongoing Bitcoin rally. The hype around Bitcoin is driving Conflux (CFX). Conflux (CFX) is also being pushed by the fact that it is the only regulated crypto in China, a country that could lead the next crypto rally. However, Conflux (CFX) is too big at its current market cap. That’s why investors are increasingly looking for cryptos that can beat the market and best Conflux (CFX) in returns.

Crypto presales like Sparklo are among the options that Conflux (CFX) investors are looking at for returns that could go parabolic within 2023.

Stacks (STX) Are in a Strong Rally, but New Cryptos Are a Better Option

Stacks (STX), like Conflux (CFX), is among the top cryptos pumping alongside Bitcoin. Stacks (STX) has pumped by 62% in just one week. In a blowout bull market, analysts predict Stacks (STX) will have the potential to do 500 – 1000% easily. While that’s an impressive return, investors seeking even bigger returns are looking outside Stacks (STX).

Unlike Stacks (STX), investors buying new cryptos are getting in at the ground floor and can quickly give an ROI above 1,000%.

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