SportyFi Announces an Additional Bonus for All ICO Participants Due to ETH Price Fluctuations

November 28th, 2017 at 10:53 am UTC · 2 min read

The exchange rate for ETH – SPF was set one day before the start of the crowdsale, on November 20, taking the value of $0.12 per SPF and $358 per ETH into account, setting the exchange rate at 2998 SPF for 1 ETH, plus potential bonuses. Since then the value of ETH in US Dollar terms has risen for 33%. This significantly changes the parameters of the token crowdsale, both for contributors as well as for the team.

SportyFi therefore decided that all participants in the SPF Token Crowdsale will receive an additional bonus, based on the value of ETH in US Dollars at the moment end of the crowdsale. All remaining unsold tokens reserved for the SPF Token Crowdsale after the distribution of all bonuses will be burned, as planned before. All details on the additional bonus are available on the SportyFi Blog.

As a quick example: if at the time when the SPF Token Crowdsale ends the ETH price will be 35% higher when compared to the locked price of USD 358 per 1 ETH, each participant would get 35% more tokens as it would have if there would be no additional bonus.

The SportyFi Token Crowdsale, which started on November 21, will end on December 9 or when the $16 million hard cap (less bonuses) is reached. In addition to the bonus mentioned above a 10% bonus is also available for all participants contributing over 100 ETH.

SportyFi aims to create a decentralized sports investment ecosystem, connecting small investors and up-and-coming athletes and democratizing the $1.3 trillion sports industry. The SportyFi team is advised by several notable personalities from the cryptocurrency and finance world, including Charlie Shrem, Joseph Weinberg, and Peter M. Moricz, and counts  World Cup and Champions League winner Roberto Carlos, ski jumping legend Noriaki Kasai, former NBA player Primoz Brezec, and other Olympians and sports legends among their ambassadors and supporters.

For more details, the SportyFi team kindly invites you to check out the SportyFi Website or chat with the team on Telegram.