Squeezer Framework: Blockchain Game Changer Created by ConsenSys Consultant Nick Chisiu

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read

Welcome revolutionist of the blockchain industry – Squeezer Framework -the world’s first platform, which merges blockchain with the power of microservices.

Being yet a new technology, Blockchain has proved to be the leader of the current innovative revolution, often dubbed a disruptive technology. Like all the technologies (no matter long-present or new-developed ones), it  entails some drawbacks. As per developers, one of the biggest challenges in making blockchain-based project is the necessity to download the total amount of blocks of the chain. For a Bitcoin-estimated project, that is around 400 GBs worth of data, which, of course, eventually slows down the working speed of developers delaying projects’ launch .

Squeezing the Data with Microservices

Nick Chisiu is a world renown blockchain technology advisor with a portfolio that includes the top 1000 companies in the US. After completing his work with ConsenSys, a decentralized software company, he recognized the above-mentioned issue that developers all over the world face.

Before his rise to fame in the blockchain world, Nick Chisiu gained education in the Informatics and Economics field. He also possesses an in depth knowledge and the necessary technical and software development skills as a microservices architect. As such, the Squeezer Framework was a project that was bound to be done by him.

In 2015, he set about developing ways to solve this problem. The result was the Squeezer Framework. The idea was simple, however, it essentially changed the way developers are now doing their projects on blockchains: owing to Mr. Chisiu, developers now access the world’s first platform, which merges the power of microservices with the immutability of blockchain technology.

With his Squeezer Framework, developers have the option to smoothly connect with the blockchain and not download the whole chain, enabling faster development times and reduced dependency on downloading information.

The popularity of the services is evident from the fact that the framework is being downloaded by developers from all round the world with a monthly average of nearly 75,000.

Squeezing More Efficiency

Being true expert in microservices, Nick Chisiu has proved to have another ace up his sleeve – a robust bullet-proof blockchain connector based on microservices. This single microservice connector will allow developers to connect any blockchain, whether it be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. and beta test their apps in isolated sandboxes. Another advantage of squeezer is that the auto scalability is an integral feature. There are options of auto healing and silent cloud deployment as well.

This has a lot of real world applications. With over 7000 financial exchanges an over 40,000,000 software developers worldwide, the Squeezer Framework offers easy and open access to simple development of decentralized applications for their benefit.

SQZR, The Squeezer Token

The Squeezer Framework utilizes its own internal token, the SQZR to pay for subscription and any consultancy services that may be required. With the token currently in its distribution event, more than 4,000,000 SQZR have been acquired by backers.

The popularity of the services caused the softcap to be reached within a few hours after the event’s launch. The SQZR can be acquired through ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH and fiat at a rate of 1 SQZR = $0.20. A minimum of 500 SQZR must be invested in. There is also a 40% bonus for all the contributors, which, however,  will reduce as the event nears its end.

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