Registrations for Stader Token Sale Begins on CoinList

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Registrations for Stader Token Sale Begins on CoinList
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The registrations for the Stader token sale on CoinList conclude on January 24th, 23:59 UTC.

Coinlist, in a new blog post, has announced the launch of Stader Token Sale. The registrations for the same began on the 13th of January. 

The Singapore-based company Stader furnishes its users with smart contract infrastructure for staking. It allows the customers to stake their assets easily and securely via its platform by designing essential staking middleware infrastructure for proof-of-stake networks. The company’s staking items focus on numerous customer elements consisting of retail crypto users, exchanges, custodians, and conventional Fintech players. Stader Labs is designing decentralized financial protocols and features for smooth stake management on shared blockchain networks.

The sale for the Stader tokens commences on the 25th of January at 18:00 UTC. The company furnishes the buyers with two alternatives. The first option is priced at $4.50 with a total supply of 3 Million tokens. This alternative is presented with a forty-day lockup continued by a twenty percent release on monthly basis beginning from March 8, 2022. 

On the other hand, the second option, priced at $3.33 has a total supply of 3 million tokens. There is a three-month lockup for the token followed by a twenty percent release on a bi-monthly basis that begins from somewhere around the 25th of April, 2022.

The registrations for the Stader token sale on CoinList conclude on January 24th, 23:59 UTC.

Stader, as a company, is curating several indigenous smart contracts in collaboration with several blockchains like Terra, Solana, Ethereum, Fantom, Hedera, Polygon. The company is creating an economic environment to expand and innovate solutions like yield redirection with reards, liquid staking, launchpads, etc. Stader’s modular smart contracts are designed to help the intermediary influence their elements and suggest bespoke solutions. The company has proven to create a promising buzz in the crypto world with its unconventional solutions and ideas. Here are some of the reasons why Stader is at top of its game currently.

  • Expanding participation: The company has released two staking items on Terra, namely the Simplified staking (Stake Pools) and the Liquid staking (LunaX). Ever since its inauguration in November last year, the solutions have engaged many on Terra’s Decentralized Finance ecosystem. The statistics also show increasing customer validation of the Stader products which have presently, gathered 14,000+ unique wallets staking, with 35,000 people engaging in its expanding community. 
  • Modifiable infrastructure: With the evolution of staking technology, the Stader architecture is well-equipped to expand and involve several characteristics to keep up with the times. An ecosystem of highly reliable smart contracts makes it possible for the system to be easily developed and upgraded. 
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