StarCrazy vs Axie Infinity: Crazy Difference

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StarCrazy vs Axie Infinity: Crazy Difference
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StarCrazy is innovating with a new dynamic, almost feeless blockchain experience and it gives players full control of the ecosystem.

Blockchain NFT Gaming has been on fire over the last few months. Axie infinity has been breaking all the records and has hit 1 million daily active players. What does it mean for GameFi and the Play-to-Earn field? Today we explore a new game among top blockchain NFT projects that are making waves. This could be the next hottest game in the field.

A month ago, StarCrazy, the new NFT game, opened their Beta version. Already fully playable, it is set to be a strong competitor to Axie Infinity.  With better economics, people have the chance to get in early, before it is too crowded.  Three weeks later, what happened was way beyond what the game’s developers could possibly have hoped for. Players were eating it up, they were so excited. Just look at some StarCrazy’s numbers for those 3 weeks:

  • Players joined from over 30 countries around the world
  • Beta players earned $555,000 of USD
  • There were over 450,000 transactions made

StarCrazy officially launched on September 27th.

As StarCrazy debuts, there is a $200,000 Airdrip participation giveaway. For those curious, you can see it here.

Your Starz, the adorable creatures with different attributes and digging power, can be combined to make a new, more powerful Starz character. This new character, just like a child, will inherit characteristics of its parent characters. Sometimes they become more valuable and… sometimes not. It’s a roll of the dice and that’s one of the things that can make the game exciting and fun!

What Makes a Blockchain NFT Game Different?

Let’s think about blockchain-based play-to-earn games generally. What do they all have in common?

  • NFTs – unique, non-divisible objects (typically artwork) that have value and can be traded. Because they are on a blockchain, NFTs each have proof of ownership and ownership history.
  • Cryptocurrencies that can be used to buy and sell things in a game and that are used to pay gas (fees) for transactions. These cryptocurrencies can sometimes be used to buy things in the real world
  • Mining – earning tokens, i.e. money, by staking, or lending, your NFTs to validate transactions on the IoTeX platform.

What this does is create compelling incentives to play and be part of this game’s ecosystem. By players and for players –  decentralized NFT games can be the basis of extremely fair economics for the player.

In StarCrazy you can put your Starz (NFTs) to work mining, and now you’ve got a passive income of real money in the form of GFT and GFS tokens used in gameplay. And unlike Axie Infinity, you don’t need to have $1,000+ dollars to start playing. If you buy or create a valuable Starz creature you can sell it on the in-game marketplace. What’s not to like? At launch, the StarCrazy creators will be introducing a full suite of features including the ability to enter your Starz in battles with other players’ Starz. That’s certain to only add to the richness of this gaming experience, so stay tuned for details.

“For me, StarCrazy is the perfect combination of DeFi and gaming. There are real-world incentives to perform well, and you get the opportunity to learn a lot about the basics of blockchain as you play. But the real gem is seeing how all crypto elements fall into place. With this game, you learn what crypto can be and the value of NFTs,”  said Alvaro, Columbia, Beta Player.

How does StarCrazy Compare with Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity seems to have peaked in popularity and while it is still very popular, it is not growing right now. The returns on both investing and playing have dropped from when Axie Infinity first burst onto the scene. StarCrazy is about to launch and, being powered by the IoTeX platform, has very low transaction fees. The costs of buying an NFT on StarCrazy have been low but that’s ultimately determined by the market. This could end up being the next big investment that people kick themselves for missing out on.

Costs to Start Playing Axie Infinity vs StarCrazy

Current prices of Axies range between $250 – $600 and higher per Axie and have gas fees of up to $90 (Sept 6th price). Factor in the requirement of 3 Axies to play and that makes for a very large starting price. In Axie Infinity you can play yourself or employ scholars to play with the Axies you own.

Buying Starz (NFTs) in StarCrazy is much more affordable as compared with Axie Infinity. (see testimonials) During the Beta period they sold for anywhere from 50 cents to a few dollars in price to get started. And you only need two Starz to begin playing and fusing! For example, fusing Starz costs a fraction of a penny in transaction fees.

“StarCrazy is changing blockchain gaming as we know it. With a strong team and a working game, StarCrazy is on a clear path to realizing an amazing vision for the future of the game,” explained Claire Cui, Ecosystem Director of StarCrazy

Game Changer: Almost Feeless Blockchain Transactions

IoTeX platform transaction fees are very low. By design, the IoTeX platform, using a Delegated Proof of Stake consensus (DPOS) protocol, can accommodate millions of transactions where the fees are low enough to be practical for both people and devices doing business with each other.

In contrast, Axie Infinity’s fees are considerably higher and now gamers are earning less than they once did because the earnings have not kept up with the high transaction fees. With StarCrazy you will start on the ground floor, as it’s only about to launch on September 27th.

On top of that, the costs of buying the 3 Axies required to play can be anywhere from $750 to $1,800USD  and higher (have a look at live prices on the Axie Market). That is prohibitively expensive for players anywhere in the world.

The Verdict

StarCrazy is innovating with a new dynamic, almost feeless blockchain experience and it gives players full control of the ecosystem. They’ve still got a long way to go, but it’s already an amazing start. With a future DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization) structure, you can start playing and earning right now. This is exciting, as many other games are far away from launch. And StarCrazy, with better economics and incentives, is leading the pack of Axie Infinity competitors.

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