International Stardom Made Possible with Fight to Fame

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International Stardom Made Possible with Fight to Fame
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Fight to Fame is combining movies, blockchain, and sports into one business model to gather big industries from all over the globe.

Reality shows have always given the average person the idea and the chance that anybody can be a star.

And while that’s true, not everybody is fortunate to actually have a smooth road to stardom – some won’t even get to travel down that road. Luck just isn’t on everybody’s side and that’s quite a hard pill to swallow.

But one reality show chooses to challenge that status quo. Fight to Fame is an up-and-coming reality show that will help propel the careers of the qualifiers and will also give champions roles in big action movies.

Fight to Fame’s Global Reach

We all know that when shows aspire to reach a global audience, massive advertising efforts have to be done. This means a lot of tours and promotions that attract attention to it. As for Fight to Fame, however, their efforts have been quite diverse.

For Fight to Fame, this meant getting ambassadors, visiting countries, and putting up offices just to expand their reach and gain a global audience. The team behind the reality show has been quite busy, and their efforts are finally paying off.

Reality Show Ambassadors

Ever since the show’s initial announcements, the reality show already has four ambassadors that help invite the normal person to hone their skills and start their fanbase with this reality show.

The show’s ambassadors, Roy Jones Jr., Chris Van Heerden, Prince Badi Ajamu, and Rigan Machado have established themselves in their own fields which add credibility to the show – a crucial aspect for this fresh concept.

These ambassadors already have their own solid fanbases which help expand the show’s reach to quite a diverse audience. With the show’s intention of making the average person the next big action star, these ambassadors lock in the notion that they have this chance. And of course, whoever wins after all the phases not only creates connections with these ambassadors but will also create even more valuable connections in each of their fields.

It’s not just about getting a chance to stardom, but it’s also about creating connections that will become useful in the future.

Unique Business Model

The show’s unique business model is also one of its strongest suits. Its uniqueness has already been making people quite curious as to how things will turn out for everybody – organizers, contestants, and fans.

Combining movies, blockchain, and sports into one business model is probably enough to gather big industries from all over the globe.

Let’s start with blockchain technology. For the past few years, this technology has been on the rise all thanks to its decentralized system and transparency guarantees. Various industries have benefitted from its functions and combining it in a reality show adds a different kind of interest.

People are curious as to how the show’s transparency, decentralized voting system, and cryptocurrency will make the show a smash hit. Moreover, the show has gained valuable partners – most of which are production studios that can indeed make the champion the next big action star in Hollywood.

As for the sports aspect, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has already been quite a popular sport for the past few years. Incorporating this into the show will create an even stronger fanbase.

Show for People

Given that the show itself is inviting normal people from all over the globe, it’s more than enough to attract loyal viewers from the masses. People love reality shows merely because it provides a shortcut to stardom.

Viewers will watch out for their favorite contestants which will create a loyal group of viewers Throughout the course of the show, each contestant will be given enough screen time especially if they’re showing great results from assessments and tests.

This screen time will be enough to make household names – so they better perform well and earn their spot.

Since fans are able to vote for their favorite contestants, the decentralized voting system ensures that the show won’t promote politics that cheats the deserving ones and will keep fans sitting at the edge of their seats waiting for the results.

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