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The Official Start of the Token Sale of the First Jewish Blockhain Ecosystem

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by Polina Chernykh · 4 min read
The Official Start of the Token Sale of the First Jewish Blockhain Ecosystem
Photo: BitCoen / Facebook

The goal of the new project is to strengthen the global Jewish community by allowing its members connect via a single blockchain-based ecosystem.

BitCoen is the world’s first blockchain project developed to improve the life of Jewish people all over the world. The British startup is aimed at facilitating interaction between representatives of the Jewish communities by providing an international decentralized platform.

“The blockchain project BitCoen was originally conceived as a system of services, qualitatively improving the life of the Jewish community,” Semenchuk said. “This is a fairly closed community, existing Worldwide. This community has needs in internal mutual settlements, to help their own businesses, oriented only for Jews; and has a big culture of charity. And all these needs must be accomplished in the most transparent and profitable way. The ideal target audience for a blockchain project! So we came up with the BitCoen ecosystem idea, which integrated the useful mechanics from the world of the blockchain.”

BitCoen is led by Vyacheslav Semenchuk, an ambitious entrepreneur with an extensive experience in the fintech industry. The businessman has already founded and sold more than ten startups. His largest project is Lifepay, a payment system with a turnover of more than 2,5 billions. For the launch of BitCoen, he managed to get the title of “Entrepreneur of the Year” according to YE and invested $500,000 of his own funds in the development of the platform.

The BitCoen ecosystem consists of the following parts:

  • BitCoen Token (BEN), which can be used as a payment method between community members.
  • BitCoen loyalty program lets users to earn BENs while making purchases from the program partners. Unlike existing loyalty programs, the tokens accumulated can’t be cancelled by the program partners.
  • BitCoen Pay is a payment system for online and offline purchases for private persons and businesses in points that accept payment by BENs.
  • BitCoen Platform is a single marketplace of products and services offered by Jewish businesses. By using the platform, businesses can sell their products to Jews all over the world, thus growing their customer base.
  • BitCoen ADV – an advertising platform targeted at the representatives of the Jewish community. It allows business partners to expand their audience by attracting customers to the products within the Market Place, as well as to their own Internet resources, without any advertising expenses.

The project has already attracted interest from Jewish communities all over the world and has managed to collect more than $150 000 in a pre-sale. Before starting the sale, the audience of the project was already over 25,000 people from 124 countries. According to the company, the majority of requests for the purchase of tokens came from Israel, England, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.

Tomorrow, the company is officially launching the token sale, which will continue until December 26, 2017. Overall, up to 20 million of BENs at a price of $1 will be offered during the sale.

Following the token sale, BitCoen will be listed on the global crytocurrency exchange, what is expected to drive additional interest to the project. According to the preliminary estimates, the capitalization of the project will reach $1,5 billion after the realization of all services within the platform. Moreover, according to independent experts, the capitalization of BitCoen can grow 10 times in the future.

“We are the largest Jewish blockchain project for now, oriented to b2b and b2c audience. Even before the start of Token sale, we made partners with more than 700 large stores (among them, Aliexpress and others), which will add points in BEN’s when buying from them,” said Semenchuk.

Moty Cristal, an international negotiator and an active member in global Jewish affairs, commented: “BitCoen project is a breath of fresh air which can further support the close relationships between Jewish communities worldwide, in this time of dynamic financial challenges and innovative opportunities”.

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