Starter International Announces Game-Changing 4-Part Ecosystem

June 1st, 2021 at 10:47 pm UTC · 3 min read

Starter International Announces Game-Changing 4-Part Ecosystem

Their community-driven network, innovative developers, and massive success in 3 short months is why all the new IDOs and major investors are using Starter International.

BSCstarter, launched in March 2021, has officially rebranded to Starter and announced their 4-part ecosystem and decentralized multichain launchpad on June 1, with their new homepage living at

Their early success shows why so many major and successful projects have chosen BSCstarter. It’s a platform unlike any other out there because of their amazing functionalities, such as their automated private sales functionality with built-in token vesting.

The rebrand is the company’s next step to offer the best platform to projects and the best opportunities for their community.

Angela Brasington, Starter Marketing Executive, said:

“This rebrand is a crucial next step for Starter. Now more than ever, the people need to know who the serious players are in the ever changing climate of cryptocurrency. Starter is already on version 3, they built a sturdy foundation that was chosen by over 91 projects for their IDOs, and went on to build an entire ecosystem on top of that rock solid foundation in under 3 months. It only gets better from here.”

The obvious change, dropping BSC from their name, is due to the fact that the START token will now be utilized across all supported blockchains, not just the Binance Smart Chain. The revamped logo is clean, pure and simple, embodying how pure and simple the Starter platform is to use. Their slick ecosystem is the real big news, showing just how big they are thinking. Here’s a breakdown of the Starter-verse:

  • the venture arm; where they incubate and invest in projects through the Certified START Program
  • the IDO arm; the decentralized fundraising launchpad
  • the DEX arm; their own exchange to list IDO projects directly with START token pairs
  • the token vesting arm; VEST is used to provide vesting and liquidity locking

The chains currently supported by Starter are Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, and Avalanche. Stay tuned for updates, new chains, exciting news and more. Don’t forget to get your $START tokens and support the community that supports the community.

Next up on the IDO circuit is VEST, launching an IDO on Starter’s platform today. VEST is the first cross chain unlimited use token and liquidity locking service, with an IDO on June 1st. Before its full release, VEST already has a total value locked of over $2M USD and is responsible for locking liquidity for Starter IDOs launched on version 3 of their platform. Starter allocates 1% of the liquidity from every V3 pool and gives that to VEST stakers in rewards, paid in the native token of the IDO. Read more about VEST here.

  • START Token Contract Address: 0x31d0a7ada4d4c131eb612db48861211f63e57610

For more news and latest updates please visit BSCstarter Medium account. Feel free to join BSCstarter community in Telegram (@starterxyz) and Twitter (@starterxyz).



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