Startup Aitheon Aims to Create Symbiosis of Humans, Robots and AI with Blockchain Tech

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Aitheon, a startup specializing on Artificial Intelligence, is launching a new platform, which represents symbiosis of humans, robots and AI with blockchain technology. Andrew Archer, Aitheon’s founder and CEO, was interviewed by Coinspeaker.

Aitheon, the Artificial Intelligence maker, announced the launch of its worldwide token presale. The news was revealed at the North American Blockchain Conference in Miami on January 18, 2018.

Aitheon is a digital ecosystem aimed at simplifying business processes through AI, robotic, and human symbiosis. The company offers a number of innovative digital solutions, including integratable robots (mechbots and electronic devices) and virtual robots, known as digibots.

The digital network employs remote anonymous professionals who assist proprietary AI algorithms for completing diverse business functions. Their work is pooled and ranked through consensus algorithms creating 99.99% accuracy while maintaining anonymity for the clients.

Andrew Archer, the architect behind the unique ecosystem and Aitheon’s founder and CEO, was the first presenter at the conference. He was interviewed by Coinspeaker and gave detailed answers to questions about Aitheon, its goals and functions. The interview is presented below.

CS: “Andrew, you have just finished presenting at the North American Blockchain Conference in Miami – you were the headliner at this event.  How is your company different from other blockchain startups?”

Andrew: What is different about Aitheon is that our platform is designed to connect humans, artificial intelligence and robotics.  Currently, in the AI and robotics marketplace you need a custom integrator, or you need to be a programmer and have technical background.  That’s why we don’t see a lot of functional robots around is because there are not that many of these specialists.  So we have created a platform that is extremely easy to use, while we are doing all the heavy-lifting behind the scenes.  When an AI software has a problem, or a robot has a problem, we use humans to augment this process through our own program called “The Specialist”.  In mobile robotics, we use “The Pilot” program where a pilot can tap into the robot, take over control, assist it and the robot then will ask for a permission to continue and they would disconnect.”

CS: “Who can benefit from using your platform?”

Andrew: The platform is not just for end users.  It is designed for integrating existing robotics companies, AI companies and to help everybody advance. I have designed several microprocessor systems and we have a module in our Aitheon platform that allows to do a lot of groundwork for individuals and companies building their own product.  They can use these modules right inside their product and we have a web-based development platform where they can write their code and wirelessly distribute it.”

CS: “How would you describe your idea of human, AI and robotic symbiosis?”

Andrew: The idea of human/robot symbiosis is that both humans and robots can coexist and work together. Currently there is this trend where people think that robots are taking over and humans are losing jobs because of that.  We’re going into an era where the average person’s job will be replaced.  So with our program we are essentially retooling the workforce.  These workers can become our specialists and pilots, work together with robots or even create their own robots and put them onto the network. There are different ways humans can work with this technology.  Currently, there is a lot of drudgery in a normal business operation, backend work that needs to be done, and computers can do that perfectly.  If we take the drudgery from the jobs, we are going to have better satisfaction among people and better quality of life.”

CS: “Tell us more about your token, the presale that you have started, and your participation in the conference in Miami.”

Andrew: Our AIC Token presale began at midnight on January 18.  It is an Ethereum token.  During the pre ICO we are allowing beta users to enter the introductory programs and then we will be rolling out those programs publicly in March.  For a sneak peak, users would need to register on our platform before January 31. The way the mining pool works is that each coin enters the circulation when the work on the system is done.       We brought a demo of our Pilot program to Miami.  Anybody could walk up, pilot a robot and pour themselves a beer with a robotic arm.  We actually brought three of our mechbots to Miami – the robotic arm, a driverless Jeep and a warehousing robot.   We are getting ready to roll everything out to the greater public and include these fully-functioning robotic products.   Most of ICOs are trying to get money to build something, or to get off the ground, but we are already in operation.”

CS: “What other automated systems are you going to integrate into your platform?”

Andrew: We have developed a completely automated store, similar to the Amazon Go concept in Seattle, and might be ready to open in April 2018. Also, we are working on automated parking systems, automated receptionists, material handling, and logistics.”

CS: “Andrew, what is your background in robotics?”

Andrew: I was interested in robots since I got my hands on my first microcontroller when I was 12. And I got the idea for Aitheon years ago while working in the auto industry. I saw some of the first industrial robots installed in car factories and attacked by workers, which inspired me to create a solution to help people and robots get along. People, in general, do not like robots. Yet most of us are surrounded by them. Devices like smartphones and dishwashers are really robots.  Using Aitheon, individuals would be able to change their lives by learning to use robots to develop new skills and businesses. This can replace the jobs lost to automation.  People can to our site to learn more about all our platform or to obtain tokens and begins testing our products.”

The Aitheon Token Presale, which ends on January 31, 2018, enables registered Aitheon program participants and AIC Token holders to learn about the unique products and test their functionality. The company is planning to make breakthrough announcements about its complete product line and sign cooperation agreements with major industrial corporations in the next several weeks.

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