Stem Cell Therapy Meets Blockchain: 4 Ways to Make It Accessible

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Stem Cell Therapy Meets Blockchain: 4 Ways to Make It Accessible

Stem Cell Project has engaged a large network of skilled and experienced doctors, scientists, researchers, blockchain and AI experts, who join efforts to give everyone a ticket to the world of regenerative medicine.

Recently, the world appalled by the news that researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital and the US National Eye Institute managed to restore vision in mice using retinal stem cells. The scientists plan to conduct trials with the participation of humans and expect their discoveries to allow doctors to treat retinal diseases.

That’s not the only achievement in the field of regenerative medicine and stem cells so far. The scientists have already brought some striking results, thanks to which stem cells are successfully used to treat various cardiovascular, blood, oncological, autoimmune, hereditary, and other serious diseases. Besides, these unique cells are applied in the orthopedics, dentistry, and cosmetology.

Celebrities especially appreciate the “magic” stem cell-based beauty procedures making their skin smoother and firmer. They always try new kinds of therapies and even freeze the cord blood of babies. Professional athletes including such famous persons such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal, and Tyron Woodley also undergo the stem cell treatment to recover themselves faster after injuries and intense physical exercises.

The stem cell therapies have already proved their effectiveness in curing patients or at least relieving their condition. Unfortunately, this innovative and promising treatment is now too expensive and is available only to rich people. For example, a simple stem cell-based facial starts at $650 and can reach $15,000 while procedures that are more serious can exceed $100,000.

Nevertheless, less-wealthy patients should not lose hope to get their piece of pie as a group of ambitious specialists from Japan headed by Takayuki Matsuo is ready to offer a solution, which can make the stem cell treatment affordable and open the doors to the world of regenerative medicine.

To put this high-flying idea into practice, they decided to apply to innovative technologies and launched Stem Cell Project based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain. The project team is going to take the following four steps to bring these life-saving therapies to the world:

Payment with Cryptocurrency

The founders plan to develop their own token SCC to allow patients to pay for all the services provided by Stem Cell Project with cryptocurrencies. Digital funds are based on the modern technologies and don’t depend on the governmental decisions, a barrel of oil, or dollar rates.

It is a fast, reliable, and transparent payment vehicle ensuring seamless transfers of any amounts of money from one country to another. It’s a very useful feature especially when patients decide to go to another country to undergo the stem cell therapy. Free from any bank or intermediary fees, cryptocurrencies can considerably reduce the treatment costs.

Pharmaceuticalization of Stem Cells

The Stem Cell Project team plans develop a special technology that will allow to cultivate stem cells faster and, as a result, use them sooner than in the case of utilizing ordinary methods of stem cell production. This solution is expected to optimize the treatment costs and make the regenerative medicine closer to those who need these procedures.

Cell Bank

The project specialists are aimed at creating their own depositary of stem cells known as Stem Bank. It will store stem cells collected from young healthy people to use them when required. This option is projected to save money and time since doctors can immediately take frozen cells and use them for treatment.

Virtual Clinic Platform

It is another excellent idea called to make the medical services more available and even borderless. The Virtual Clinic platform will be equipped with a remote medical checkup system, AI chatbots, and translation functions. Just imagine that a 24/7 online contact with clinicians will become a reality. One will need just a smartphone and other similar devices to get answers to all the questions. Tiresome waiting time and transportation expenses will become a history.

The translation feature will allow doctors and patients from different countries to understand each other without any intermediaries. Besides, AI chatbots and sensors measuring the vital data such as body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, and others will help medical advisers make precise diagnoses and save patients from long wait. It will improve the healthcare services and bring them to a totally new level.

To put these goals into practice, Stem Cell Project has engaged a large network of skilled and experienced doctors, scientists, researchers, and specialists in the field of blockchain and AI whose joint efforts are expected to give everyone a ticket to the world of regenerative medicine. The founders rely on emerging technologies and believe that their solution will help millions of people get high-quality medical services at reasonable prices.

Meanwhile, the project is currently at the first presale phase that will last until September 15, 2018. Early contributors can buy SCC tokens at the price of $0.10 (JPY 11.11) per token and get generous bonuses. The tokens are available for BTC, ETH, and NEO cryptocurrencies.

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