CES 2020: Samsung Wows Audience with New Robotic Life Companions

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CES 2020: Samsung Wows Audience with New Robotic Life Companions
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The era of new consumer electronics seems to start very soon. Samsung has revealed a row of very interesting developments at CES 2020.

Samsung has made some very interesting announcements during the ongoing CES 2020. Holding at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the International Consumer Electronics Show happens annually, for players in the consumer electronics industry.

Even though it began yesterday Samsung has already charged up the event with its announcements. Based on the events at the opening, Samsung has let the world know that it is ready for the new era of consumer electronics.

Samsung CES 2020 Keynote

Yesterday, Samsung Electronics Consumer Electronics Division President and CEO H.S. Kim gave an interesting keynote address. His speech touched on the future of electronics while introducing what it describes as the beginning of “a decade full of promises and new possibilities.” Kim also describes the new future as the “Age of Experience”, that will prioritize experiences over products.

Before the keynote was over, Samsung had introduced new products aimed at making lives easier, with increased interaction. He said:

“This is Samsung’s mission, to create unforgettable moments that make your lives better and make a difference for humanity.”

Samsung’s New Robotic Life Companions

A publication by the Samsung Newsroom reports Kim’s description of the new products as “life companions.” Kim says that these are “robots that know you, support you, and take care of you, so you can focus on what really matters.” He began with Ballie.

Ballie is a small “robotic companion” shaped almost like a tennis ball, with a wide range of responsibilities. Kim brought Ballie on stage with a video display showing what the product is built to do. Based on the video, Ballie can interact with pretty much everything in a home. It can help owners with exercise, switch on and switch off electronics, and even interact with other appliances for a wide range of possibilities.

Among the new products is another. Its name is GEMS. Demonstrated by designer Chandni Dheer, GEMS uses advanced technology to create a personalized workout experienced. Combining augmented reality (AR) glasses and the Galaxy smartwatch, pretty much any space can be turned into a personal workout studio.

GEMS is an acronym for Gait Enhancing & Motivating System.

Also, another announcement is one described as the Smart Home of the Future. Announced by Senior Vice President Federico Casalegno, Samsung is making the home into “a living organism.” Casalegno described a future where there will be heightened interaction with home products, using the kitchen as an example.

“Your kitchen appliances will be your cooking parents – like a personal chef, a nutritionist, and a shopping assistant, all in one.”

As part of the announcement for Samsung Pass, attendees noticed an interesting icon displayed. Six icons were shown behind Kim during his speech, but one looked suspiciously like Apple’s Face ID. Samsung and Apple have a weird history which includes several rip-offs. The idea that Samsung just took something from Apple in its exact form, seems to not sit well with many.

The New Human

Star Labs, a company backed by Samsung, has unveiled a new product called Neon. Neon is a virtual human being that is “visually real” and can display emotions. Star Labs also says that Neon can learn new skills, learn about people, and also evolve.

So far, there isn’t any clear-cut purpose Neon serves.

It’s also worth mentioning that Samsung began the year by announcing Lite versions of its Galaxy S10 and Note 10. The new announcements have fired up the Samsung community.

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