Stratumn Raised €600,000 for Blockchain Apps Development

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Stratumn Raised €600,000 for Blockchain Apps Development
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Stratumn raises 600,000 euros – the first for the French Blockchain ecosystem.

Paris-based blockchain developer platform Stratumn has recently announced that it has raised €600,000 in funding to build and promote their blockchain development platform​. The round is being led by the French VC firm Otium Venture, and includes business angels such as Ledger CEO and Maison du Bitcoin founder, Eric Larchevêque. This initial round will allow the team of 5 to grow to 12 people this year and establish its position as a leading provider of Blockchain solutions in France and Europe.

“The fertility of the French tech startup scene, the quality of engineers and the support of public institutions, make France an ideal place to build a startup,” Stratumn CEO Richard Caetano explained what lead him to start his company in Paris.

The company lowers the barriers to entry for enterprise developers to easily integrate the features of the blockchain in their applications. Its platform delivers an API and a broad set of tools that enables features such as irrefutable proof ­of ­existence of digital documents, securing business processes, as well as digital asset issuance.

Stratumn has developed an open standard called Chainscript for recording states of data and workflows, and leverages the blockchain’s ability to store data fingerprints and create immutable and verifiable proofs of their existence. A Platform­ as a ­Service (PaaS) offering, pricing is flexible and caters to independent developers to large enterprise.

“Stratumn offers a robust Blockchain development product, a first for the French market. Their PaaS platform opens up many opportunities for enterprise business process management,” explaied Éric Larchevêque, Ledger CEO.

Stratumn was founded by California­ born software designer Richard Caetano, and Stephan Florquin, both deeply involved in the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem since 2011. Previously, Caetano developed the popular bitcoin ticker app btcReport, and recently published the book “Learning Bitcoin” (Packt Publishing). Florquin was previously Lead Developer at Paymium, a leading French bitcoin exchange.

“The Blockchain’s ability to create trust without a central authority has the potential to disrupt nearly every industry ​and many will start to question the legitimacy of actors whose sole purpose was to provide third party trust. It’s the final link in the Uberisation chain,” said Bruno Raillard, Partner at Otium Venture.

At the moment, in invite ­only release, developers can start integrating the Stratumn API in their applications by visiting and requesting an invitation​.

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