Wirex Launches Wirex App on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play

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Wirex Launches Wirex App on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play
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Wirex has announced the launch of its mobile banking solution for international and domestic transfers, following a successful round of beta testing.

The UK-based financial services provider Wirex has released its new mobile app that will let users to conduct transfers in bitcoin and fiat currencies. The move marks the company’s major step forward in the mobile banking industry.

Wirex app will be available for the owners of iOS and Android devices in over 130 countries. The users of the account can hold money in bitcoin and three fiat currencies, GBP, EUR and USD. Besides, clients can send funds to anyone with a bitcoin address and upload debit cards to make purchases at stores accepting Visa and MasterCard.

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The app is compatible with E-Coin platform, which is expected to be launched as the Wirex platform. To use the Wirex app, users need to download it and insert their E-Coin login information.

“The Wirex app makes it easy for our users to use E-Coin cards while they are on the move. Our aim is to create products that feature blockchain technology in its core but yet extremely user-friendly. We already use our phones for so many things so why not integrate finances as well? For example, I can instantly send funds to anyone in my email list, no matter where they are in the world,” Wirex’s co-founder, Dmitry Lazarichev, said in a blog post.

“The app also informs me of all transactions in real time, so if my debit card is ever compromised, I can quickly block the card straight from my phone. It’s a very convenient app for our users,” he added.

Wirex App includes a “Use Pin” feature that requires users to enter a 4-digit pin each time they open the app. The other security feature, called “Hide Balance”, hides balance information on the main screen. To view the fund amount, a user needs to just tap on the screen.

Wirex is a hybrid personal banking solution, which combines traditional finance with the blockchain technology. Opened in 2014, the company serves over 100,000 customers all over the world. The platform’s debit cards are now accepted at millions of ATMs and stores.

The company is currently undergoing a major rebranding process from E-Coin to the Wirex platform. All customers will be able to use E-Coin debit cards during the integration process.

In March, Wirex launched the first 2-way bitcoin debit card to let users acquire the virtual currency. Currently, Wirex provides three main services: international transfers, 2-way bitcoin debit cards and a mobile banking via the Wirex app.

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