Success Story: Ordinary Owner of a Burger Van Turned into eToro’s Top Popular Investor

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 5 min read
Success Story: Ordinary Owner of a Burger Van Turned into eToro’s Top Popular Investor
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Savvy owner of a burger truck, Stephen Bliss learned how to master the art of high-level cryptocurrency trading spending his spare time on eToro.

For everyone interested in crypto investing, knowing Stephen Bliss would be a real pleasure since he represents a successful trader who once had started from scratch but now he manages a million worth trading fund.

At the daytime, Stephen Bliss is an ordinary owner of a burger van that mingles around the streets in North Yorkshire delivering hot tea and bacon sandwiches. Then when the night comes down just like a fantastic creature, Bliss turns into a top Popular Investor on global trading platform eToro whose trading style has been admitted by almost 5,000 users of the unique CopyTrader tool.

The crypto-crazy 34-year old trader – whose eToro username is stebliss – enjoyed incredible gains of 893.16 per cent in 2017, mostly thanks to the sensational crypto bull run at the end of the year. However, his story barely can be depicted as an immediate success.

He began trading on the award-winning platform in February 2014 and was 51 per cent down at the end of that first year, losing close to half of his original £3,000 investment, but next year Bliss has improved his trading performance at 36.38 per cent and finally in 2017 it skyrocketed.

Although 2018 was harsh on cryptos, Bliss’ commitment did not wavered as he has a long-term view on the increasingly popular asset class. Indeed, a deeper analysis of his trading to date this year shows decent profit gains from closing crypto and non-crypto positions.

As of July 26 this year, Bliss’ closed trades since January 1 read as follows: of the 24 non-crypto trades closed, 79 per cent were profitable, plus additional 150 closed crypto trades of which 95 per cent were hitting the jackpot. It is clear that for both crypto and non-crypto positions, the closed profits have exceeded the closed losses in 2018, and trading deals are therefore profitable overall.

Speaking of his towering stats, Bliss particularly stressed a huge cryptocurrency community underlying the eToro trading platform that shares knowledge and helps each other. Discerning eToro users, who realise the growth potential in this strategy, have backed him to triumph and copied his trades.

Bliss, born in Middlesbrough and based in Redcar, became a Popular Investor on eToro in June 2016. He describes himself as a “swing or position trader” and continues:

“I tend to take a medium- to long-term approach on positions. My trading strategy focuses on around 50 per cent fundamental analysis, 40 per cent technical analysis with around 10 per cent gut feeling and experience thrown in the mix.”

He was first attracted to eToro, which boasts six asset classes and over 1,200 instruments to trade, because of its pioneering trading approach to cryptos. According to Bliss, back in 2014 eToro was the only place enabling quick, easy, and secure purchases of Bitcoin. Now there are almost a dozen cryptos available on the eToro platform.

Further speaking on the benefits of eToro platform, Bliss underscores the social aspect and the importance of that trading community, saying:

“It is a bit like Facebook, and has a great community of users and staff. Crucially, it is reliable and secure. Plus I love the platform layout and its ease of use. And with trading you are for ever learning. On eToro you can add your favourite traders to a watch list and keep up to date with goings on in all the instruments you are interested in, allowing you to be among the first to react. It is that main thing that helps me learn.”

It is possible to earn a very substantial amount of money as a Popular Investor. Therefore, Bliss gained a lot of financial freedom that allowed him to work fewer hours, thus freeing up extra time to be able to focus on eToro trading. Now he could afford to quit his job as a self-employed mobile caterer.

Keeping financial perks aside, Bliss’s primary goal as a Popular Investor is to keep learning and growing everyone’s investments, year after year. He also says that being a Popular Investor is “enormously satisfying” since mostly you are helping ordinary working-class people to make money from investing. He recalls:

“In late 2015 I started gaining a few copiers, and I thought ‘wow, the pressure is on’ when I reached 10,” Bliss says. “After I got over the pressure of being responsible for other people’s money I decided to apply to become a Popular Investor. My application was accepted and it snowballed from there.

Offering top tips to less experienced traders, Bliss advises:

“Find instruments you are comfortable with and enjoy trading. It is advantageous if it is something that you have genuine interest in. For me that is cryptos and tech stocks, with a few other instruments thrown in for that little extra diversification. Next, practice. If you are not confident in trading or don’t have money to throw away then use your free eToro virtual account until you become fully confident and consistently profitable. You don’t have to go straight in with real money.”

Further adding:

You can of course find a few good Popular Investors to invest real money into and let them do the hard work for you in the meantime. Then maybe when you are happy with your trading strategy and style think about starting to trade for yourself. Some great eToro Popular Investors I personally recommend copying are GoodGoingJayNemesis, Wesl3yMrThor7734LiamDavies plus me, of course.”

The story of a former burger-van owner who has learnt to beat top trading records is truely inspiring. Yet it is worth to mention that these heights could remain untouchable for quite a long time unless eToro’s innovative CopyTrader once gave a hand to Bliss. For now those hungry for trading success still have a chance to relish the opportunity to earn a tasty profit just the same way.

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