Summing Up the Future with PlusCoin

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Summing Up the Future with PlusCoin
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Tallinn-based startup DS Plus is a cryptocashback service, working on basis of a mobile app with the Ethereum-based PlusCoin cryptocurrency integrated.

Today we see the age of digital, and the era of the digital currency, when out of contemporary culture, a new form of economic interaction has evolved, perhaps more fitting than its predecessors. As cryptocurrencies continue to gain attention from the biggest players in the game, it’s important to know who the experts are and in what way the revolution is going to affect the world as it is.

Crypto Domination

It’s been alleged that cryptocurrency is going to take over the world. Whether that is true or not, the argument stands that virtual money is here to stay. Given virtual money wide adoption, new laws and systems are to be designed to engage with how the currency is adopted and used, what way it can be collected, and how the its value is determined against commodities.

This concept is pushed by PlusCoin,  Ethereum-based first platform that implemented cashback solution in the cryptocurrency market. Pluscoin believes society can easily and freely participate in building the economy by bringing the benefits of virtual money closer to the world.

Via a nifty mobile App, Pluscoin will educate users on digital asset management in a fully decentralised way. The crypto-cashback service will use Blockchain technology to control transactions and to provide a safety net in payments for purchases with PlusCoin.

Educate and Engage

There are two main objectives of the project: to popularize the distributed-ledger tech and incorporate digital assets into the daily lives of people.

The proposed platform will replace the traditional cashback tools with blockchain-based tokenized tools. The problem with traditional models is mostly related to speed and lower reward returns. Blockchain, on the other hand, makes it possible for people to receive cashback as soon as they make a purchase.

Adopting The Alternative

Once Pluscoin has created the infrastructure for cryptocurrency adoption, it can then be used to develop the system as a whole, including ensuring a foundation of safe and secure practice.

There are indeed still a lot of countries unwilling to accept cryptocurrency as a separate economic model, which can be used by citizens to make various transactions. But in response to this issue, cypto advocates, including PlusCoin, are developing measures to ensure that the revolution started by digital assets endures adversities and rolls over to the future.

PlusCoin TGE

The entire TGE will feature three consecutive phases. The first phase spans for 20 days, during which a total of 3 million PlusCoin tokens in addition to 400k bounty tokens will be made available at the rate of $10 per token. Similarly, the second and the third phase of the TGE will span for 20 and 22 days, respectively. While each phase will enable the sale of 3 million + 300k bounty tokens, the second phase will sell them for $11.50 per token, and the third phase will see them sold for $13 per token.

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