Proprietary Exchange Tokens: Why BCIO Is Not Just Another Utility Token
October 11th, 2018

2019 will be a decisive year for the Blockchain industry as the world moves towards a friendlier Crypto environment with governments such as Korea, Singapore, and Switzerland paving the way for appropriate regulatory measures.

3 Key Factors for Post-ICO Success
September 21st, 2018

According to a recent Boston College study, less than 50% of ICOs are still operational after the first four months following their token sale.

The Potential of the Cryptocurrency Market – Why Giving in to FOMO Isn’t a Bad Idea
September 11th, 2018

In less than a month, Bitcoin will turn ten years old.

BCIO: The Art of Building a Successful Crypto Team
August 9th, 2018

56%. That is the percentage of ICO-funded Crypto startups that are bound to collapse after just four months.

Introducing Your Gateway to the Internet of Value: How Takes on Investors’ Favorite Worst Crypto Dilemma
July 20th, 2018

It is safe to say now that Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology are here to stay.