The U.S. derivatives regulator is studying whether it should regulate virtual currencies, its chief said on March 11, 2014, as regulators across the globe start taking the emerging technology more seriously.

CFTC Taps Coinbase’s VP to Lead Division Responsible for Bitcoin Futures Oversight
September 18th, 2019

At CFTC, Coinbase’s Dorothy D. DeWitt will be responsible for the supervision of derivatives platforms, including bitcoin futures, swap data repositories, as well as for the evaluation of the new platform-traded products.

CME Group Seeks CFTC Permission to Double Its Bitcoin Futures Trading Cap
September 13th, 2019

Citing massive open positions and interest for its Bitcoin futures contracts, CME Group requested CFTC to double the limit of monthly contracts traded. Wants to Launch a Bitcoin Cash Futures Contract to Compete with XRP and ETH
September 13th, 2019

If things go according to plan, would soon launch the first Bitcoin Cash derivative in the form of futures contracts. The company is looking to launch this with a CFTC-approved exchange.

Bakkt Says Its Warehouse is Open for Futures with Bitcoin Deposits Insured
September 9th, 2019

Bakkt seems to be finally approaching its ambitious goal of creating a marketplace for physically-settled Bitcoin futures, as now the company announces its Warehouse is active for futures contracts.

Bitcoin Price Surges Above $10,000 Extending Its Market Dominance to Over 70%
September 3rd, 2019

In a relief rally for the investors, Bitcoin price jumped 6% to move above $10,000 levels. With today’s move Bitcoin alone contributes to 70% of the overall cryptocurrency market cap.

As Bitcoin Price Breaks Its Crucial Support of $10K, Where Could It Go Now?
August 30th, 2019

Bitcoin price surprises the market by slipping below $10K levels on August 28. Crytpo analysts trace Bitcoin whales moving massive BTC tokens ahead this week.

Bakkt to Open Its Warehouse for Physical Storage of Bitcoin on Sept. 6
August 29th, 2019

The Bakkt Warehouse will provide the safe and secure of physical Bitcoin tokens in a regulated environment starting from September 6th. The Warehouse facility is specifically designed for its physically-settled Bitcoin Futures contracts.

Why Has LedgerX’ Physical Bitcoin Futures Platform Not Launched?
August 2nd, 2019

LedgerX has not yet launched the first physically settled Bitcoin Futures trading platform after the 180-day probation period with CFTC stating that lack of a decision does not constitute an approval.

CFTC Says LedgerX’ Physical Bitcoin Futures Platform is Not Approved
August 2nd, 2019

Just recently, LedgerX came out saying that they have launched the first physically settled Bitcoin Futures trading platform. However, CFTC later commented that LedgerX hasn’t yet been approved by the commission.

LedgerX Launches ‘Physical’ Bitcoin Futures in the U.S. Before Bakkt
July 31st, 2019

Bitcoin derivatives provider LedgerX announced it has launched the first physically-settled bitcoin futures contracts in the U.S. The contracts, which pay traders out in Bitcoin, will be available to both institutional and retail investors.