SEC Approves YouNow’s Ethereum Token ‘Props’ With a Reg A+ Reward
July 12th, 2019

The SEC has approved YouNow’s Ethereum token enabling investors to use an alternative investment method to acquire a financial stake in companies through participating in community developing engagements.

Algorand Blockchain Network Raises $60 Million in Token Auction
June 20th, 2019

With a view to ensuring fairness and transparency, Algorand has conducted its token sale in the format of a Dutch Auction raising over $60 million.

Token Launch Platform CoinList Offers Its First Token Sale of 2019, Expects ICO Market Rise
February 22nd, 2019

After a year-long break, CoinList platform is back on a track offering the U.S. accredited investors and international customers to buy out Ocean’s utility tokens.

ICO Platform CoinList Raises $9.2 Million in Series A Funding Round
April 5th, 2018

CoinList, a platform that is connecting investors with blockchain projects, has raised $9.2 million which will be allocated for business development.