The Downfall of Mark Zuckerberg’s Dominance: FTC Strike Facebook With $5 Billion Fine
July 25th, 2019

The largest penalty of a whopping $5 billion levied against Facebook by FTC. A move will see Zuckerberg surrenders sole dominance over privacy decisions.

Facebook (FB) Stock Upsurges to All-Year High Prior to Globalcoin Cryptocurrency Launch
June 17th, 2019

Social media giant Facebook breaks the shackles of regulatory bondage as FB stock price soars high following the announcement of its crypto project – Globalcoin.

Netflix (NFLX) Stock Price Could Almost Double in a Year, Says Goldman Sachs Analysts
April 4th, 2019

Goldman Sachs analyst is sure, Netflix (NFLX) stock is all set to soar 80% in a year from now. Here’s a look into how Netflix will lead the video-streaming industry which is likely to see stiff competition in the next few years.

Dow Jones Rises 300 Points on Strong US and China Data
April 2nd, 2019

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 329.74 points. Stocks strengthened worldwide as strong manufacturing data out of the world’s second-largest economy helped allay investor concern about a slowdown in global growth.

Facebook (FB) vs. Snapchat (SNAP) Stock: Who is Gutting Who?
February 15th, 2019

It seems that Snap stock has all but given up the ghost. The social network was worth $31 billion after its public debut two years ago. Now it’s less than $8 billion.

Facebook Reports Robust Profit, Stock Bounces 12% After Earnings
January 31st, 2019

Facebook reported robust earnings and revenue that handily surpassed Wall Street expectations for the final quarter of 2018 despite heavy spending on safety and security.