Apple Has Doubled Down on Its Search Engine Development

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Apple Has Doubled Down on Its Search Engine Development
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Apple Inc has doubled down on its efforts to develop its own search engine similar to that of Alphabet Inc.

According to the report by CNBC, the move came amidst the launch of an investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in a bid to investigate the reported sum of money Google pays to Apple for making the former’s search engine the default in all of the latter’s devices.

The United States regulators and official meant business not just to ensure that the top tech firms in the U.S. including Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL), Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL), Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB), and Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) did not breach antitrust laws, but also to break their apparent dominance of the United States market share. This forms the basis for which the Department of Justice launched an $8 to $10 billion inquiry into the alleged partnership between Google and Apple.

While the investigation is still in its infancy, Apple refused to wait for whatever sanctions might come and has stayed proactive in developing its search engine tool, a feature that is available to iOS 14 users. Per the reports, when users with this latest Apple software types a search query into the search window, Apple-related search results and not those of Google are what gets displayed. Additionally, the search feature has an inbuilt machine learning algorithm that gives auto search completion amongst others.

The coming of the Apple search feature has been linked to Apple’s recruitment of top search professionals in recent times including the coming of John Giannandrea, a search expert from Alphabet Inc back in 2018.

Apple Search Engine May Benefit if Regulators Clamp Down on Google

The timely move by Apple to develop and introduce its own search engine may benefit the company should regulators clampdown on Google as much as it is suggesting to. Earlier this month, Coinspeaker reported that the Department of Justice, as well as state prosecutors, were investigating Google for its extensive grip on both the world’s search engine which gives it a competitive edge in the advertising industry.

In the light of this, there are indications that if found guilty in the cases brought up, that the company may be forced to split up some of its business units in order to make room for healthy competitions. While this is not yet a reality, the reality of the potential split has prompted other firms including Apple to bolster their own position in the niche, a move that may pay off should the search powerhouse be forced to split.

The four top tech firms are undoubtedly having their own fair share of the antitrust probes and while the economic impacts of cases brought against either of them can benefit the others, the radar on them all may not let them take advantage of one another’s related businesses.

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