The biggest Chinese exchange Huobi brings margin trading and interest-bearing accounts with its new internationally focused platform BitVC and Yubibao brand.

DeFi Startup Kava Plans to Raise $3M via IEO on Binance Launchpad
October 16th, 2019

The Kava defi project is set to launch from the Binance Launchpad on October 23rd.

Harmony and Huobi Cross Paths in Asia
October 12th, 2019

Huobi and Harmony have announced a partnership to list Harmony’s native token and work together with a focus on Asian markets.

Could Tether Be the World’s Most Used Cryptocurrency Ahead of Bitcoin?
October 1st, 2019

Research and analysis reveal that Tether could be the world’s most used cryptocurrency for months now because its daily and monthly trading volumes surpass those of Bitcoin by far.

Kim Dotcom Project Launching on New Bitfinex Token Sales Platform
September 25th, 2019

The first project that will go live on Bitfinex Token Sales IEO platform will be, a P2P digital content and monetization blockchain network overseen by Kim Dotcom.

Huobi Reportedly Plans a Backdoor IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
September 13th, 2019

The Huobi Group plans a backdoor IPO after acquiring a controlling stake in Hong Kong-based electronics manufacturer Patronics Holdings, a public listed company on HKEX.

Coinbase May Soon Launch Its Own IEO Platform and a New Token
September 11th, 2019

Coinbase may launch an IEO platform and issue a proprietary exchange token. Such information has been provided by Kayvon Pirestani, Coinbase’s head of institutional sales in Asia, during Invest: Asia conference on Wednesday.

Bitcoin Falls Below $10,000: Is It a Usual Correction?
August 15th, 2019

Bitcoin (BTC) price has been hovering around $10,000 since late June leaving traders and investors nervously watching for more potential loses. But now it has fallen below this level.

IEO: the Replacement for ICO Raised a Total of 262 Million in 2019
July 23rd, 2019

Though only half of the projects that participated in IEO in 2019 were profitable, the research indicates that the cumulative returns to be garnered over the span of 6 months could amount to 44% ROI.

Binance Jersey List Their Own GBP-Backed Stablecoin
July 20th, 2019

Binance Jersey has listed a proprietary GBP-backed stablecoin that confirmed that the major industry player had its sights on imminently issuing its own fiat-pegged assets, starting with a cryptocurrency 100% backed by the British pound.

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire Accepted Justin Sun’s Invitation to Lunch With Buffett
July 19th, 2019

Tron CEO Justin Sun invited Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire to join them in San Fransisco for the Crypto Power Lunch with billionaire Bitcoin skeptic Warren Buffett. Allaire cheerfully accepted the invitation.