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SEC Issues Historic First ICO ‘No-Action’ Letter to TurnKey Jet
April 4th, 2019

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued a “no-action” letter to TurnKey Jet, Inc., in whick it agrees that tokens that are used by the business-travel startup are not securities.

Gladius Gets Reprieve from the SEC and Returns its ‘Unregistered ICO’ Cash
February 21st, 2019

Gladius Network LLC self-reports to the SEC for overseeing an unregistered ICO enabling them to avoid penalties provided that they pay all the investors who request for a refund.

SEC to Clarify ‘Overly Broad’ Regulation for Crypto Token Sales
February 12th, 2019

The crypto-darling SEC commissioner Hester Peirce is explaining delays in a regulatory toolset for token offerings as she mobilizes financial authorities to work on a deliberate approach to digital assets.

Blockchain Token Projects Can Bypass U.S. Securities Registration Requirements, Says SEC Official
December 14th, 2018

Good news for blockchain token projects concerning their ability to bypass U.S. securities registration requirements. While before they had to stand in the queue to fill out all the documents, now they can obtain so-called no-action letters from the SEC.

SEC Chairman: ICOs Are Effective Way of Fundraising
December 11th, 2018

Jay Clayton said that ICOs should willingly follow securities laws which ensure higher protection of customers’ funds while eliminating fraud and manipulation.

International Cooperation is Essential for Eradicating ICO Fraud, Says SEC Official
December 5th, 2018

The ICO market has exploded in the last two years attracting an ever-rising number of fraudsters. A SEC official now believes that international cooperation is crucial to bring the scammers to justice.

ICOs Can Legally Yield to $50 Million in Revenue, 2015 SEC Regulations Reveal
November 27th, 2018

The notorious SEC does not truly kill ICOs in fact, the two regulations issued back in 2015 allowing companies to secure between $1 million and $50 million.

Clear Guidelines for ICOs Coming Soon: SEC Official
November 6th, 2018

The new guidelines will help developers and crypto entrepreneurs to determine is their tokens are classified as securities or not. They can also seek help from the SEC FinHub.

The U.S. SEC Announces a FinHub Division to Tackle ICO Issues
October 19th, 2018

FinHub will act as a central medium for the securities agency to interact with developers and entrepreneurs from the fintech space.