ipchain database

IPCHAIN Database and Gaming — a Natural Fit?
March 16th, 2018

IPCHAIN Database is the first startup that uses Blockchain technology for the protection of intellectual property through a database that shall be used for patent research.

IPChain Database Incorporates Blockchain Technology with IP Protection
March 8th, 2018

IPChain Database has set the official launch of its pre-ICO on March 24, 2018, aiming to integrate blockchain technology with IP security.

IPCHAIN Database Revolutionizing the Protection of IP
March 7th, 2018

IPChain Database-– Protect, safely share and transfer all forms of intellectual property including inventions, original literary and artistic works and scientific research using Blockchain technology.

IPCHAIN Database Revolutionizing Intellectual Property Protection with Blockchain Tech
March 6th, 2018

Being developed in cooperation with leading experts in IP to benefit scientists, inventors, artists and companies, Startup IPCHAIN Database revolutionizes the way intellectual property (IP) is protected through the use of Blockchain technology.