IPChain Database Incorporates Blockchain Technology with IP Protection

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IPChain Database Incorporates Blockchain Technology with IP Protection

IPChain Database has set the official launch of its pre-ICO on March 24, 2018, aiming to integrate blockchain technology with IP security.

IPChain Database has announced the launch of its token pre-sale officially set on March 24, 2018. The company’s new software incorporates sophisticated blockchain technology to aid in the protection of the user’s intellectual property. The company offers high level of protection, allowing the safe sharing of multiple forms of intellectual property, including artistic, scientific and legal work.

Being based in Gibraltar, IPChain Database sees its main goal in the protection of intellectual property (IP) leveraging the blockchain technology and its principles of decentralization. The innovative software has already received support from leading authorities and stakeholders in IP, including the world’s largest law firm handling IP protection, Dennemeyer Group.

Moreover, it is proud to have gained approval from WIPO Green, a sect of WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, as well as backing from leading universities and research institutions.

The company recognizes the unique potential of integrating blockchain technology with IP security. In a recent article of the official WIPO Magazine, the possible improvements to modern strategies in terms of handling IP, including protecting the creations of artists and researchers, have been noted and underlined.

Using the blockchain technology, the database allows all files shared to be traced back to establish the original owner of the material beyond all doubt. The innovation is very likely to dominate IP security across all fields, becoming crucial for establishing the ownership of literature, academic research or technological innovations.

What is more, IPChain opens its users access to confidential IP through uploading a non-disclosure document to the blockchain. This secures the user’s right of ownership to any IP shared on the platform. Users wishing to share IP with those viewing their work have the opportunity to use contractual agreements.

IPChain Database has been designed to provide total security to IP uploaded on the blockchain. The platform is expected to be open and free to use by Q4 2018. IPChain native tokens will be available to purchase for the first time in in the company’s official pre-sale, starting on March 24, 2018, with a hard cap set at $20 million.

IPChain database combines IP management with the security of decentralized blockchain technology, while being both incorruptible and user-friendly. The technology backing the database provides a solution to the problem of IP theft, allowing all the files shared to be traced back to the original owner for establishing the true creator. The platform is compliant to the safety standards of WIPO, alongside their own offerings of contractual agreements outlining the agreed terms to which IP can be shared.

The security of the platform gives IPChain publications a reliable source of evidence to prove their rights to the work, being visible in legal proceedings and accepted as proof of ownership by international patent offices.

IP published on IPChain Database can also be protected further through separate patents or copyrights. The platform offers a new way to manage IP across fields, with benefits for those requiring a secure service to share their publications.

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