sbi holdings

The R3 innovation group has announced a partnership with Japan’s largest financial group to explore the blockchain technology.

Ripple’s XRP Wins Over Yet Another Trading Platform, Now It’s Tim Draper Backed Coinhako
March 4th, 2019

Coinhako announced listing XRP on its platform and mentioned the XRP pairings with SGD, IDR, and VND. 

As XRP Was Listed on Coinbase, Now It May Seem that Ripple Violates Listing Rules
March 1st, 2019

After a long time waiting, Coinbase finally decided to add support for XRP on Coinbase Pro. This decision tackled the euphoria of many, sparking an increase in trading volume and of course a peak in the price of the Ripple’s token.

SBI CEO: ‘Every Bank In Japan Will Use Ripple’s XRP By 2025’
February 27th, 2019

Ripple‘s XRP token currently bears further uplifting news as SBI, which is a Ripple enthusiast, has planned to have a few banks in Japan and utilize the token by the 2025 Osaka Expo.

Ripple and XRP Will Continue to Grow Significantly, Believes Accenture’s Global Payments Lead
February 26th, 2019

According to Gareth Wilson, the managing director of global payments at Accenture, this year bring even higher gains to Ripple.

XRP Can Now be Used at 4,500 e-Stores Worldwide as CoinGate Adds New Payment Option
February 4th, 2019

Unlike cryptos added to CoinGate’s listing earlier, XRP is not logged on the blockchain, as CoinGate launched an XRP ledger validator to “further accelerate the decentralization of the $XRP network”. 

SBI’s Newly Launched Crypto Exchange VCTRADE Adds Support for Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum
December 22nd, 2018

SBI’s VCTRADE announced that they have added support for XRP, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Ripple is excited by this announcement and believes their token, XRP, will achieve worldwide adoption due to the support.

SBI Group Tests ‘S Coin’ Token for Retail Payments over Users’ Smartphones
September 26th, 2018

The Japanese banking giant plans on rolling out the “S Coin” in an attempt to dominate the mobile payments sector. This new project fits the overall vision of the company to ultimately help Japan turn cashless.

Japanese Financial Giant SBI Holdings Opens its Crypto Trading Platform VCTRADE to Public
July 17th, 2018

Afther months of delays, Japan’s banking giant SBI Holdings announced their new in-house cryptocurrency exchange is now available for users.

SBI Japan Soft-Launches the World’s First Bank-Backed Crypto Exchange
June 4th, 2018

SBI Holdings launches VCTRADE, in-house bank-backed cryptocurrency exchange. Trading will initially only be available for Ripple. 20,000 potential users who pre-registered back in October of last year have already got access to the service.

Ripple Continues to Surge Ahead While All Other Cryptocurrencies Are Falling Majorly
December 28th, 2017

Ripple continues to surge ahead and lead the crypto charts even when the overall market is undergoing a significant correction.