true flip

True Flip together with DAO.Casino will create a new quick lottery game on True Flip’s platform.

True Flip Enters the Slot Market with Chain’s Code
April 9th, 2018

True Flip, the blockchain fair games operator, has developed and launched its first slot game. Chain’s Code is available now at, with bets starting at 0.000020 BTC and reaching 5 BTC as the Superprize.

Blockchain Gaming Platform True Flip Announces Huge Updates
January 3rd, 2018

The world’s largest fair blockchain game True Flip has reached yet another milestone, having completed a full redesign of its user interface and introduced a range of additional features for an improved gaming experience.

True Flip Unveils Major Updates,Halves Ticket Price For Its’ 400 BTC Jackpot
December 30th, 2017

True Flip, the blockchain fair games platform with $ 8 000 000 in the Jackpot, has fulfilled 60% of its crowdsale pledges presenting a fully redesigned interface and additional features. These improvements are backed by a 50% decrease in the tickets price, to support the upcoming broad promotion.

Blockchain Lottery TrueFlip Raises 1880 BTC in ICO, Crowdsale to End in a Day
July 27th, 2017

The team behind the project intends to transform current lottery games by offering a platform for fair and trustless lotteries using the blockchain technology.

TrueFlip and DAO.Casino Creating a New Lottery Game
July 19th, 2017

TrueFlip together with DAO.Casino will create a new quick lottery game on TrueFlip’s platform.

Blockchain Lottery Startup TrueFlip Banned in Russia Just Two Week Before the ICO
June 6th, 2017

Russian federal entity pointed out lottery-related nature of TrueFlip while lottery activities are strictly forbidden across the entire Russia.